This Day

The summer heat is so intense now here in the Philippines. And one way to relieve myself it to go to a nearby mall; SM Batangas. And so I went there this afternoon. I have noticed this American or a white guy which definitely not a Filipino and he was somehow a senior citizen. And he walked so slow. I was near the door near Starbucks and just sitting in the Chowking vacant seats there. Maybe it was around 2 pm and this man was walking so slow approaching my view. He had this grocery stroller and I guess his arm has injury and maybe because of his age he really cannot walk that fast.

Fast forward 5 pm and I was back in SM and I saw him again and this time he had finished his buying some stuff maybe at the grocery and imagine that! It was almost 5 hours of staying in SM and wow I don't want to age now!

I have noticed earlier that a Filipino man sometimes wanted to help him but I guess the American refused the help for some reason I really don't know.

And I am imagining my life n…

My Inspiration

I always look for an inspiration. Sometimes they are my family. Sometimes they can be found on the books that I am reading like Seth Godin or any other successful individual out there. But then I have settled for one mentor that I know will really help me to hurdle life's challenges.

I am introducing my all time favorite mentor, Cardinal Rosales. I knew from the start that he is the one that I have needed. I have looked back in my childhood and he was there. He usually went and officiated a mass during the Saint Michael Celebration of our barangay every September and he was there. I made it sure I was also there and heard his Mass. He has this leadership in his voice and powerful command in his Homily. He was so intelligent and really an authority when it comes to sermon and giving moral stories and lessons for all of us. He is a saint for me.

And when there is the celebration of Batangas City Fiesta every January he usually on the morning mass and I made it sure I am on the fron…

The City I Have Loved

I know I am a bit sentimental sometimes. Sometimes emotions get over me and most of the time I let those natural feelings take over my existence. It is part of being human anyways. And as of now I am missing that city I have loved for the past three years; Dammam. The wonderful city that gave me job and lots of food and coffee and friendships to last. The city that made me who I am today. The city that sleeps while I am awake. The city that lingers on my soul when I am weary and on the verge of giving up. And the city that I want to go back to. Dammam!

Decision! Decision!

For the past three months,I am enjoying my temporary vacation and I am loving it! I am enjoying how much I really need rest as in rest in my own terms. But it doest not mean I am not making any effort to go back to the employment world. I have almost hundred of applications online and via emails. Some responded some do not. And I have two interviews and employment offers but I am still on the decision time phase since there are so many factors to be considered. I have offered in Dammam as a Document Controller, which is my previous job in KSA but the offer is somehow a little bit lower than my previous one. Then another offer is handed to me and it is also in Eastern Province specifically in Jubail. However, a local employment is encouraging me. But then again some factors made me decide to not accept the local one. And now I am on the verge of accepting the Jubail offer or  should I wait for my other applications which might call me this December or January next year. The Jubail of…

What About Last Night?

The best or worst for the records! And I did it for no reasons at all. I was lied about. It was not solo but group and so be it.

Then almost midnight the desert..something nervous had not come and I did it!

And I slept. Thanks God for the last night. It will never happen again.

Last Night

I was watching Youtube at around 6 pm yesterday when my Lebanese friend chatted me on Tango. He was a businessman here in this country and he was engaged in contracting doors and steel and glass. His latest project which was about to complete was the Red Lobster and Longhorn in Dammam near Shatea Mall.

And so we went there. I loved his management skill as well as his business knowledge in managing his own business. I hope I could have business of my own in teh future.

I was amazed by the elegant design of the two American restaurants. Maybe I could have dinner there when my salary come this end of the month.

So that's it for now and have a nice weekends Dammam!


Lately I am beginning to learn to grow old as alone. Lately I am beginning to understand that life no matter what will go on and o and on.

Lately I realized that I am the one really in charge of my own happiness and no one will. So I am choosing to be happy everytime.

Lately I am beginning to live the life I wanted to be.