Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Can Smell The Tuesday

Almost everyday it is raining here in Dammam. The weather is getting colder and colder. And December is just around the corner. Actually Tuesday comes and I will be home at last!

But I am so busy now because of the audit visit beginning December 1. I am making it sure that my areas of concern will be as complete as possible for the audit team though my mind now is on "flight mode" and I am really exciting for the Tuesday exit. 

Yesterday I had bought some of the "pahabol na pasalubong" though I really make it sure that most of the pasalubong are all light since I will be alone in the flight so carrying a heavier load is not applicable.

I desperately need that Tuesday now!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Obsessed With Serial

I am listening now to Serial  via Soundcloud and I am really hooked. I am currently listening to episode 5 in which the latest on the site is episode 9. This podcast which making a huge buzz online and the most controversial and talked-about podcast of all time now got me and I am into it. It is like a lost obsession with radio back in my 80's days. And in line with my "addiction" with "How To Get Away with Murder" TV series which unfortunately aired the winter finale - Wes is the Killer - I have to wait till January to see the next episode. And thanks God I have discovered "Serial" and yes it is very addictive. I have explored exhaustively the internet about almost everything about Serial. And these are some of those sites:  - the official website of the podcast..  - the "people map" about the case.. - Soundcloud searches which I have done..

And I think I will explore more..

Friday, November 21, 2014


More Or Less I Will Buy Them


At the control room of Qurayyah Power Plant with to update the IMS data on the computer there..


Sometimes seeing the beauty in nature heals all the sorrows..all the unhappiness..all the pain..all the broken pieces..and I was not sleep that afternoon going home and saw those sights of setting sun to rest for another day..


I think when it is cold I tend to feel hungrier than ever. I don't know but that's the way it is. So I had come to Khobar and ate some "dulong", BBQ and dinuguan..great Pinoy dishes!

And yes I will never leave my love for coffee..and this time it is Segafredo also in Khobar..loved their cappuchino and some bread..

New Hobby?

Ryan has a new hobby; taking photos of airplanes..I love it too..I really need to go home and we might have a photo session near the airport..

More Murakami Books

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blurred Lines

Sometimes all we need is tour near the sea..feel the breeze...the lights..the evening is getting deeper..blurred lines..

Been Busy For A While

It is audit season also here in Saudi Arabia!
And I am in-charge with the IMS documentation and implementation ( integrated management system). I am also doing some Hand-over and Warranty issues for audit on the first week of December in which I will go home to the Philippines! Ironic and I must turn-over all of my work to somebody who could handle these stuff while I am away. 

Anyways I have about two weeks of crunched time!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thanks For The Visit

About two weeks ago my friend chatted me via Facebook that he will come here in Dammam for a visit. He is currently working in Dubai for a pump company, a world class company. He has this privilege of visiting some of the countries here in the Middle East to check whether their products are doing well. At first he was in Oman for a week visit. Then as I mentioned he was here in Dammam. He used to work here for seven years but gave up and looked for a greener pasture. Dubai provided it for him. And now he is on his track for success!

Next time as he said he will go to Kuwait and eventually to Iraq.

Again thank you Cesar for a visit. My friend my classmate.

That Strange Feelings

- that feeling that I have become homesick for no reason but I know for sure it is because my flight to the Philippines is getting nearer..
-that feeling that somehow an idea of not coming back here comes to my mind..
-that feeling of somehow clueless of what is waiting for me back home..a year can make a difference..
-that feeling of accepting that this is my fate..working abroad..
- that feeling of overjoyed but somehow feeling some void somewhere in my soul..
-that feeling of realization that I am a "hero"? since I am an OFW?
- that feeling of having a Christmas once again at home..
-that strange feeling that somehow I will miss the Middle East when I come home..

"All my bags are packed..I'm ready to go.."

Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Ayie ( November 4)

Field Work

For about two weeks  I need to go to the warehouse once in awhile to assist the personnel there because of the on-going issuance of material to the Simens guys to fix some damage in one of the turbine of the plant.. And thanks God it is quite cold now so I have no problem walking for about 5 or more minutes from the Admin to the warehouse/workshop building. Though I am assigned in the Admin to be a technical support  doing some administrative tasks, PGM instructed me to oversee the on-going activities of Simens that may last this December.

It's nice to wear those PPE's hahaha though I have to borrow the suits from another personnel because it is only this week that the safety officer issued my PPE's.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Remembering Our Departed Loved Ones

November 1. All Saint's Day but in the Philippines it is the day that we go to cemetery and visit and give some prayers to our loved ones who passed away. An occasion that is embedded in our culture and to pay respect and to remember all the memories that we have when our loved ones are still alive.

To my Tatay, my Tiyas and Tiyos, Lolos and Lolas- I am offering some prayers to you this day since I am very far away from home.

Inevitably For The Best

This may serve as an update(s).

Yesterday I was talking to Harry via FB messenger ( only yesterday that we knew it could be used as voice call hahahaha!) and he was so very happy and so excited for his one-month (or longer for life?) in the Big Apple on December. I have seen his facebook status about conquering the City That Never Sleeps but quietly believed it until I spoke to him for confirmation. And he was into it. He told me that he just applied for a tourist visa to US and everything fell into places as God planned for him. He was given a 10 or 15 year multiple visa. Lucky him! 

A few months ago when I was still struggling to adjust here in Dammam I got some friends to look into that will make my homesick-ness bearable. One of them was Cesar. He was my elementary classmate in Ilijan back then and a very good friend of mine. He said before that he will go back to the Philippines and will settle there for some reason. To have a baby. However after several months of staying in our country he returned here in the Middle East in Dubai and he is working in a very good company that he might travel the whole Gulf region because of that. He was in Oman last week and this week he might be here in Dammam!

In my previous company there was an "exodus" of employees that included me to get a more satisfying and gratifying experience as well as rewards for us. I am here in Saudi Arabia together with some other engineers and technicians. Some of my co-employees in the Admin before were here also in the Middle East. Others resigned to shift career and some others just get out and look for a greener pasture. Moving out is inevitable. And indeed the right move for us.

And since I have started to reminisce the past I might include some of my college buddies who have gone so far around the world. John who is a flight steward inevitably travel the whole wide world. He was my friend back in my writing years in The Lycean. Another co-writer, Aque, is in the US and oh I have remembered her especially this December season because years ago I gave her a Starbucks planner as a gift. 

And my FF Cruz buddies? Miss Evelyn got her business in Manila. Betchay is in China in Flour Daniel. Romart is in Ilijan and does not have plan of leaving ahahaha! Marian is in Singapore. Miss Weng our accountant is happily married to a French guy and they are living in France of course. Mam Gelay is still in Shimizu and in Lipa project. Barry is a manager in Dubai. Who else? Thanks to Facebook that we still have communication.

Change is inevitable. But a decision to let that change to happen is much better. 

Going Up The Ladder

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