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Saturday Night

Nevermind typhoon Gorio..Starbucks in Flavors of China? Just having our dinner at the Flavors in SM-Batangas..with my niece Tintin and nephews Limuel and Andrei with Ate Arlyn and Kuya Efren. And I never paid a scent hahaha!! thanks for the very full dinner though I ate not much..that's the default problem of having an obese body, though you are eating lesser, it is very easy to be full..well it will change in the coming weeks..please food temptation let you go away hehehe!!

Bare Essentials

I have found myself always have the supply of those envelopes for something..and ballpens too..Going analog? Not really. Some bare essentials are not to be forgotten. Even in this age of digital supremacy nothing can really replace those paper and pen.

Thank You Science

And to Dra. Lira too..I was saved.. Others has been too. With lots of faith and these two I had hurdled some dreaded and miserable situations. Again thank you Science.


Picture this: I was riding in a jeepney and some minority children ( Badjao or Mangyan tribes) were getting on the vehicle and begging for money from the passengers.

Then another one: I was strolling around SM City Batangas and some bunch of black people were roaming around too.

And this one: I was drinking and eating at Starbucks in SM - Batangas also yesterday. Then two tables from me was this expatriate - an American or British maybe. Minutes later two sexy teens approached him and they talked. The foreigner was not too loud but not too soft that somehow his voice resonated around the shop. I got curious and I saw them while reading the Inquirer. And accidentally I have seen the expat in his 40's handed down some money to the sexy teen. I really did not judge but somehow I got the idea that this famous coffee joint became the meeting point for those who want to have quick sex in this part of the city. Some Koreans too on some weekends had these scenario.

Progress has its own p…

At Last!

And this morning I've got my two Transcript of Records - college and MBA..thanks God I have made it this far..what happens next is up to me..goodluck and God bless all of us who strive to make a difference in this world. If it is not given here then go somewhere else..the world is all but a stage to act our ready might never know the show is just a second away..steal the limelight if not given..just go reach your dreams!
Again thanks to all the persons (family and friends) who has been with me to achieve those credentials..thanks again..

Before the Biggest Loser

Am I serious enough to join the Biggest Loser? Kepco edition? I guess so. But before that I have eaten some of my favorite fast-food chain yummies..before I starve out..

Coffee Supply

Thanks to Inay for this coffee supply..I will never run out of caffeine in my body..

Smut Media

And this photo is going viral as of the moment as it takes the Instagram world via storm! Miss Daza and Miss Wilson kissed each other for the iconic statement about gay rights. And lesbian rights. So what? Is it necessary to pose and kiss each other to make a statement? Or they are just riding the bandwagon and making the public as dumb and ignorance about the issue? Nobody knows. But one thing is for sure; they are making a smut media. They are making the public media as dirty as they wanted to be. Yes it is not dirty if those sexual acts by gays and lesbians are done in private. Everyone has the right to fuck whoever they want. But what next after this photo? Celebrity posing as nudes and exposing their sexual part? Well public pornography is on the way and morality will sink to its bottom. Not artistic at all. Not artistic at all. And those two models? well they should fuck each other instead!

By the way who the fuck are those two? Are they popular? If yes then they are not ashame…

Young Fashionista?(or just exploited by social media? and parents too?)

And I turned my Facebook account into news bookmarking tools similar to the defunct I have also a  new bookmarking site called and it is a refreshing experience to just collect the articles from across the internet and read it for future reference.

Then I came along this article about this boy who has been a celebrity in Instagram because of his very cool outfit. I've got curious since he was so young to dress and act like those adults model. And I read the links ( I have found out that the parents really set their beautiful kid to do such acts to prepare him to be a "young CEO" and at the same time attain celebrity status and somehow make money out of it maybe. I really don't know but the line between just showing out to the world how elegant their kid is and profiting from the exposure is somehow been blurred.

If I have such a kid, will I do the s…


Is it a crime? I had become a conspirator from Monday until last night. For the good. For someone's so dear to me. How can I said "No" when I will do even more than conspiring. A little favor that made someone's life so happy that day.

Fiver or ten years from now we will talk about this tiny funny things that has happened. We will smile about it. Someone will thank me again because of this.

Anyways, conniving sometimes works for the better. Co-plotter like me is very guilty. So happily guilty about it. And no regrets whatsoever hahahaha!!

(photo courtesy of google photo)


And my blogger reader has failed me. Again. And again. Or is it me who has done wrong? Just changing? I am thinking lately why there are no updates on my blogger reader of the blogs I am following. And then I have checked one sample to know the truth. And to my surprise I am really surprised!

Some of the blogs I am following who are using blogspot just changed and migrated to wordpress! Anyways I have the best of both worlds! Actually most of the blogging platform worlds.

I have of course my basic blog here which is this one in blogspot. My niche blogs are mostly in wordpress; food and travel blogs and others are there. I have some blogs in Never forget tumblr, quora and others.

I am thinking some years ago to just update one blog but it failed me. I know I have all the time in the world ( still single!) so I just explore whatever platforms out  there. Well the two kings are just standing here and one click away; blogspot and wordpress. Then came along tumblr to gain supre…


And it maybe the worst of the week..but all of a sudden it has changed overnight..
thanks guys for having such a good coffee conversation that lasted not hours but minutes..such momentous minutes that even sealed our friendships..

Again let's go to Starbucks just like last night..

Eclectic Weekends

Picture this. Getting up at 6 AM with a text message from my aunt that Lenlen ( my cousin) will not able to make it to our trip to Manila supposedly this day. Got the message and handed it to my mother and she too cancelled the trip. I was relieved. And I went back to sleep.

Until lunch. I need to refresh my mind. My soul. Then I ate lunch. And slept again until 4 PM I guess. Went to SM. Watched Word War Z. Got my dinner at Starbucks with Italian Chicken wrap and it actually smelled and tasted good. With latte of course.

Yesterday I was in Robinson's Lipa. I had met Sharlene. She gave me the Blackberry. I gave her the bag full of something ( undisclosed) which will be sent to Hongkong. I never imagined such Saturday. And I ate a late lunch at Adobo Connection.

By the way how about the Blackberry? Well I cannot really operate it with ease. I had to consult  the internet on some things which are so hard to understand. I guess that's why BB does not have that appeal compared to S…

Ramen Time

Got a mission last night. In Lipa.
Got to be in Tambo at around 7:30 pm. Got there earlier..
Got the package..
then proceed to the other package..
The rewards?
These ramen..deliciously hot!

Go Spurs!

Who will take the crown? It could have been the 5th ring for Spurs yesterday. I hope they could have get it. I am not a big fan of Spurs but I will never be a fan of Miami Heat especially Lebron. Let us see tomorrow for the end game to conclude the NBA 2013 Finals! Go Spurs! Go!

(photo courtesy of google photo)

Happy Birthday Kuya Efren

It was a wonderful celebration last night..very full more diet yesterday..again Happy Birthday to Kuya Efren..

Father's Day 2013

More than thirty years of having no father to celebrate at this very special moment for the "foundation" of any family..but I never take his absence not to celebrate the day with some musings and reflections and just strolling myself to pass the special myself almost half of the day in SM-Batangas..looking at those father and sons enjoying the food, enjoying some exhibits..

my lunch in Chowking..loved that big mami wanton..with kangkong and milk tea too..

have watched some recitals in SM Event Center..

Got amazed by how those teens made their big moves in sync with Wii device..

playing some basketball to release some anger over Miami Heat hahahaha!!

Finally dinner at Biggs..again Happy Father's my tatay Valeriano and other dads out there..I should be a father sooner..hopefully..