Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy As A Kid

Sometimes all we need is to bring back the kid in us..the innocent little kid that wants to an adult that are so routinely living up to this very day, sometimes we should have to look inwards and seek the child in all of seek those little be mesmerized to those be amazed at those colors and lights..

And one way to do it is my way; going to Marina Mall in Dammam near Cornich and just stay to be a child again..and for a little while I was transferred again to those Wonder Lands of my childhood memories!

Emperor's New Clothes

I might say I am officially into this work now since I have the new uniform! In this way I am becoming part of the company..of the brand it wants to promote..its integrity..its values and philosophies that we should embrace..welcome to Nomac!! and yes finally goodbye Kepco Philippines! Thank you for the wonderful years of stay..thanks a lot and I will look back in my days at Ilijan with all smiles of happy memories..of triumphs..of camaraderie..and most of all; blessings that I have met one of the most wonderful persons I have been to in those years..

And I am looking forward for more years here at Nomac..goodluck to me..goodluck to us!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Land!

We think of this Kingdom as boring maybe..we think this place as boring as desert..but hey stop that notion..this place is so alive and kicking and full of life!! full of lights..of sounds and many scenic place to visit..just like the cornich..the my times of despair and loneliness I come here..sometimes alone..mostly alone..just listening to the the rushing wind and somehow my mind echoed in the middle of nowhere..and just a few nights ago I was amazed and surprised to see a ferris wheel nearby..and some recreational facilities around the waterfront..

Waiting For The Sunset

At the Waterfront Dammam last night..very good park that stretch some kilometers in the cornich of Dammam..nice view of the sea..of the romantic sunset (applicable only if you have loved ones here hahaha!)..for me? no..just roaming around and waiting for the night to envelope the whole city..freedom to think and just relax..some of the perks of living alone in a very far away country..I can be alone but definitely not lonely..I have some of my friends and co-workers too when I visit some spots here but sometimes all I wanted is just myself..just wandering sense of sense of hungry-ness? nope..after this visit I ate at the BK! (next post please hehehe!)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two Things

And to continue the story on my last post..I went to Al-Shatea Mall..and yes before I forget to mention..there are two things that somehow very unique here in Dammam or in the Middle East as a every place especially in dining area (restaurant and others) there are always a division between a family section and for single section..sometimes we get mingled in the family section and the guard informed us to go to the other applies also in a mall or any place admissible..and the other thing? well in every food chain or restaurant there is at least one Filipino crew..and yes I can speak in our native tongue when I am ordering something..just like in my lasagna dinner in the said mall..and in Krispy Kreme just near the mall above..

And the third thing I see as common here? the taxi drivers are always all from Bangladesh..and sometime I got the chance to have some conversation with them..mostly are staying or working here for five years and above..they go home yearly or every six months..and they got a little salary but still they manage to stay here or else be a jobless in their own land..just like us Filipino..we are sacrificing to be very far away just to earn that much needed that's heavy!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Just Walked

Simple walking..I just did..No one to one to scare..freedom..just staring at nothing..thinking..on a cold windy afternoon..I passed by the iconic Dammam Palace hotel ( my home for about 15 days!) and just roamed around..walking..till I saw this ordinary park..women, children, family, friends, everything were just happy..were they? just like me? walking around..passing the time in a lazy day..where is the direction? I was lost in this sense of north or east or west..just keep on walking..and I my surprise it was my just sit..and relax..and see those kids playing around..some are busy running and running and just keep on circling the small plaza..some boys were busy kicking those ball and mimicking a great football player..busy doing their stuff..and me..just sitting..and I was sense of sense of direction..I guess not..I just sit..and watched as time went by..minutes..minutes and I stood..and walked without knowing where to go..and I found myself outside the park..bustling metropolis..silence..kept on screaming on my ear..the bustling did not make sense..I was here..

and I got a Shatea mall please..and that was all I have a cup of coffee there..temporary madness..temporary losing my mind..and I found bliss..peace..

Friday, January 24, 2014

So Far The Biggest!!

Two nights ago my room-mate invited me to go Mall of Dharan. It took us about 25 minutes to be there. I heard much about this mall even from the "oldies" here in Dammam. The mall was located near Khobar and it was my first time to go there. And to my surprise it was like a giant SM-Megamall or even twice the size. It was so big and so modern unlike other malls here. And that night there were so many people around (winter sale I guess!) and so many women but as usual with their native dress! There were so many foreigners too. I loved that Mall of Dharan! And the best of all? There were so many coffee shops and restaurants! I guess I will have my favorite hang-out now hahahhaa!! And for the first treat we ate at Nola's Market - a local coffee shop inside the mall.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Yes finally!! My Iqama (resident permit - to legally stay here in Saudi) has just arrived..and I can do more now here in Saudi without the fear of being caught or asked by the police..I can roam around much more free and buy much more things ( of course with Riyals hehehe)..Thanks to our fellow Filipino in the office who prioritized the processing of our permit..thanks be to God indeed! and the the card below is our Bupa or the health insurance that whatever happened to us here we are insured by our company..these two important cards here are the tools for survival here..and of course Riyals hahahaha!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Looking Back At The 15th Of December 2013

Unnecessary? Necessary? Unpopular? Wrong decision? Right decision?

And now I am well-adjusted here. I just want to recall what has happened. I know this is a big ordeal for me and a very life-changing decision but now I am quite happy to be here. I have remembered Ivan from the agency and he insisted to me to think and accept the job offer because it is indeed a very life-changing career move. And I got it. I was decided that time to leave. I consulted almost everyone close to my heart and they say "Yes go ahead". And finally I have asked my self too that question. And no doubt I have to take this opportunity.

And on that fateful Sunday I have photographed the plane that brought us here in the Kingdom. I had time before the flight, to call my Ate Arlyn, Inay and Tiya Empen. Somehow my fear has subsided that time. I was afraid of what is really to see and experience in this country. I was so afraid of the stereotyped and sometimes baseless judgement about working and living in here. Some are true but most are completely lies. I have manage to survive and beginning to enjoy my new life and freedom in this country that sometimes unfairly judged as "freedom-less place". I might say quite the opposite.

Ka Gerry the father of one of my bestfriend and he spend most of his life working here just talked to me via chat on the first week I have been here. He asked and oftentimes quite surprised of my decision. I said primarily it is a choice for me to be able to save more money. It is a choice to fully explore what is truly out there that somehow I know I can see and find here. It is a choice to challenge myself and come face to face to my "un-comfort zone" and learn more by doing so. He said that whatever assistance he could lend just call him. And I will sometimes not to seek help but maybe tell them that indeed this is a wise choice and decision.

However sometimes my mind tricked me. Some negative thoughts just keep on running and somehow got me struck and "blame myself" for this awful decision. Yes I am not ashamed to admit that somehow I cried at night once just to release whatever emotion of loneliness and homesickness is bothering my soul that time. And I was relieved. Afterwards I have begun to see this place as my new Home. My new sacred place where I could start all over again and pick up myself pieces by pieces to reach my goals and dreams!

I know God is very good at all times that he gave me this opportunity not just to earn money but to test and challenge myself of what I am capable of. I know God is always with us to guide and see us through in whatever we are doing in any state of our life.

Just like Inay said before we depart each other at NAIA on that December 15th, " mag-iingat ka at wag na wag makakalimot sa Diyos" - and at that instance my teary eyes just smile and headed bravely to the main door of the airport.

And now I am writing this blog entry with my eyes smiling and thanks God I am here and thanks all the blessings that I've got!

Coffee Quest

And who says the Desert has no decent coffee shop? Well you are dead wrong! Seattle's Best? Starbucks? Name it..and they are all here..In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! And thanks God I can continue my quest for that thirst and love of coffee..last week we were in Shiraa Mall and we sat and drank coffee at Seattle's Best..A few days ago at the Cornich I have found Aroma Cafe and sipped those much needed hot drink to combat the cold evening weather..and just a few days too I have found the King of all! Starbucks at the middle of Dammam! At the Al-Shatea Mall just beside Jarir Bookstore and Sheraton Hotel..and yes you are right one of the barista was Pinoy..and it was not surprising that most of the shops here you will find a Filipino crew and staff..

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Beautiful Escape

Yesterday at Dammam's Corniche..cold wind..the sea side..dreaming of the Philippines? not really..just reminiscing..just having some time to be go on reflecting on oneself..and just walking with no end in sight..just enjoying the breeze..a beautiful escape!

Going Up The Ladder

I am on my age where I can be anything. And thanks God I have achieved some of my dreams. I have gone far and I felt so good about it. An...