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Tuesday. I made the resignation letter. Two hours of talk to my manager. Another two with him together with the section in our office in the warehouse. Epic day.

And we dined out at night. Seven year and two months. Long years. Fast times. In a snap. I almost learned everything. I will miss the people. The place. The memories. But I have to do it. Thank you Kepco Ilijan! Till we meet again!


And Adel posted a photo which had a "For Nomac staff only" in one of his Facebook status. And then Uwen posted this one. Mass exodus? or just plain invitation to get out? Either way we are encourage and be forever be grateful to our present employer for giving us the opportunity to learn and explore our capabilities and skills.

By the way on a lighter and sexier note I should have bought that remaining issue of newest FHM magazine which features the timeless sex appeal of Miss Alice Dixson. Maybe I should come back this evening to 7-11 and buy it!

Last Night

I just had these feelings. Last night I went alone and just strolled along the Mabini Plaza for no apparent reason. I just want to be alone. And I was delighted by the lights and sounds which were abound at the vicinity. The cold winds were rushing the delightfully in sync with the rushing people. Some just stood by and wondered. Some ate those Filipino delicacies at the tiangge market.

I think I was relieved by those short moments of contemplation.

They Are Doing Just Fine

Photos courtesy of Adel and Jonathan from their Facebook account. Well this day Pauline and Vic from EDI called and texted me about my status in my application. Then I called Ivan and maybe next week will be on our way to Saudi Arabia. And I am very thankful that some of them have been there already and we can see what really is going out there. And we can have a very clear idea of what to expect when we get there. Goodluck again to all of us!

At Least I Have Met One Of Each

Intelligent Person. There are so many intelligent people that I have met and talked to so far. They are those persons with great intelligence that give them the mastery of their chosen fields. I will name one as an example. My accounting professor in MBA. Dean Calingasan as we know him is an example of an intelligent person. He opens our mind in the world of accounting and make it sure that we understand it in a very layman's terms. He teaches us with great clarity and good examples that I can still remember even up to now. I could add up more but he is enough as an example.

Beautiful Person. Cindy. Oh my Cindy. No other creature can be more beautiful than you are. No further explanation needed!

Loving Person. Of course I can never replace my mother on this list. No further explanation. No question ask.

I hope others have their list too or have met any one as a list of their own.

Korean Foods? Anyone?

It's been a year or more since I have tasted Korean foods here in Batangas. The two restaurants had been closed already but still so many Koreans here in the province. Last month we had our Korean cuisine in Alabang but still I am missing those times we eat at a K-pop restaurant somewhere near here. And thanks to my classmate Juvy who had these photos of Korean foods which are about to eat by her Korean managers in San Isidro. She is working in Daelim. A sort of homemade style of Korean foods? I guess so.

I remember my former manager Mr KN Lee when he used to invite us in the dormitory and he ordered the cook to prepare some special Korean foods for us when we were still at the office way back in 2007-2008 and doing the "auditor's findings". I will never forget those times! And I considered him as one of my best manager I've ever had. Such authority and bravery in answering those auditor's inquiry. And he almost solved all of the problems in inventory manage…

Here's To Never Growing Up

Last night I was busy strolling around the city/downtown Batangas and looking for something to inspire me in this holiday season. The tiangge in the Plaza Mabini is still up. The "robotic show" in the city hall is still on-going. The city is still up in the still of the night. So many people were passing by and just looking and some were buying some items on the street.

And I felt my stomach was craving for those food at the tiangge. I had my siomai and buko juice. And then I had seen flock of people gathering around at the front of the Basilica. And I had seen bibingka and puto bumbong and salabat. And my stomach cannot resist but buy those bibingka especially in those cold nights. And the vendor offered a free salabat. Grateful indeed! The perfect combination! with so much margarine I cannot help but ate it at once!

And I bought a pirated CD of the hottest and latest R&B music which included songs from Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and others. And then it had this t…


With the 1200MW capacity, our plant at site is a giant. A power generation plant that supplies significant amount of energy to the Luzon Grid. And once it is being shutdown for maintenance or emergency reasons, then expect some brown-outs in Luzon areas.

And for some unfair reasons our electricity bill for this month has shoot to its highest level because some of the plant including our one is on maintenance shutdown. And the consumers are always right as they say is not true anymore. The corporate greed by those in power ( Meralco and the government who approved those law that allowed to pass on to the customers the burden of their loss) is making my whole month angrier despite the cold weather.

And we have no choice but to save the consumption of electricity.

Shipping Out

One of the function of the material section of this plant is to ship out those items being used in the shutdown. Some items are used capitalized items that are to be sent to Japan or Europe for repair. Some are just those items that has been used by technical specialists.

Moving things. Moving out. Moving people. Moving out. And somebody new will move in. A cycle. A reality that we are moving around. And we will be continuing on this movement until we are satisfied. But are we going to be satisfied? I guess not.

That's how human nature is being build for.

Thanks To Pinterest

They may call it curation. I call it amazingly organization of my photoboards. I have been using Pinterest for a couple of years or more and I find it interesting and very engaging because of the beautiful photos around that I can re-post and organized to my favorite boards.

Wonderful Plant

Once again a big "thank you" to Mr Paul Magtibay for these wonderful photos of the power plant. I think it is only on his Iphone! Wow! That magnificent shot!

And then I look back. Some sort of self-reflection. And I find myself learning everyday. I am learning as a gift of being alive. Even in idle times I am learning. I am contemplating of my seven years stay in this power plant. And happy to say I have also contributed some of my ideas and talents for the betterment of this plant.

We have stabilized the inventory management and I am proud to say that almost 99% accuracy have been achieved. We have revised and improved the Material Control Procedure. We have migrated to new SAP system as well as transferred to our new warehouse building. We have added a new policy about safety stock and obsolescence which were a major breakthrough in terms of auditing our inventory management.

And we are still continue to evolve but if and if I will be resigning (later?) then I can safely …

And They Are There! ( already!)

The First Batch! Joel, Adel, Ray and Jonathan! I should have been there too but some delays do not allow me..maybe I will be on the second batch..they are in Dammam and maybe I will be in Jeddah..Either way I should go this December if God allows..I will not be here on Christmas but it is part of the sacrifice..and upon seeing them with those happy faces, well I think I can do it..we can survive amid the desert and sun..but with oil and and gold ( hahahaha) well we can definitely survive! Goodluck to all of us! (photos from Facebook of Jonathan and Adel)

Just an update this night..(December 4 - Wednesday) and it was their first day at the plant site in Qurayah 4200MW! wow! very encouraging!

Turning Vegetarian?

Yesterday I attended a Sunday Mass at the Basilica and afterwards I toured the Plaza Mabini and got these atmosphere of Christmas season. With lights and sounds and every people were so busy rushing to have those gifts, I can say indeed Christmas is just around the corner with only just 23 days to go!

And my wish? a determined to go on a vegetarian mode? I hope so but I still cannot obliged myself hahaha!! If fate will go on my way maybe in the land of sand and oil I will push through to go on eating with only vegetables and fish maybe. I am serious about it. I hope I can do it!

"Rock On The Block 5"

Last Saturday night..we were attending a benefit-concert for the victims of Yolanda..with my cousins..Jaybee, Jephren, Heidi, Jay, Ate Ana and Kuya Unad..lots of beer..of pulutan!!and lots of band..R&B, Rock, Reggae, name it..they had it! not necessary my dispidida hahaha!! a sort of? maybe hehehe!!

Of Toys And Icons

Who says toys are just for the kids? In this season let us cherish those gifts and time that the others are spending on us..they might be small or even nonsense but it is a sacred gift that we should cherish all the time..let us go back to our childhood and reminisce what we want for Christmas..and maybe Santa Claus will hear us..and give what our hearts desire..

Speaking of icons I have seen these photos in one fast food chain in SM last Saturday..and do you know where I found those stunning photos? Believe it or not it was in the CR! But it was worth it hahaha!!