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Just one of those days. Routine. I have woke up. Drained. I want some zest. I want some rejuvenation. I want some spirit! And everyday is just a boredom waiting for doom to happen. What's happening to me? I don't know. Stress? More or less. Stress of something? Getting older? Getting lonely? Alone? I guess so. But I have so many friends. I am active online and offline of my life. So what really is it? I don't know really.

I have given much of the time to think about it. I have given much of the free time to delve on it. And I have found nothing. I have found no shallow or deep area of my life. I think I am just floating and waiting for something. Ah that something. What is that something I am looking for?

A wife? a child? meanings? directions? what really is bothering me? there is none and it is bothering me I guess.

So what do I do now? Just do nothing? I guess so. It will pass and I will survive. Just like before. Just like that.

And I pray. Maybe I have forgot God. Mayb…

Thank You

Thank you pareng Jayson for these wonderful gifts..makakapagkape na ulit ako hehehe..

The Coming Year

And I am counting days. I am counting that it is indeed no less than a week before the coming of the new year. And it is year of the Snake. I am born on the year of the snake too. Is 2013 gonna be my year? Our year? I guess so.

Thanks to the past few days and my mind has just opened and I have some clearer version of myself and the others too. I have really realized some truths after I have some meaningful conversation with some of the good friends that I have in which in this special occasion only that we have the chance to talk again. And it is worth it. The short hours of exchanging opinions bring me to the realization that indeed life is too short and holding up some grudge to others is just a waste of time. Let the reality flows continuously and do not go against the current. Just take it as just a passing of time and just like the water flowing in the river, it will never passed that way again. So be happy instead. Accept some reality of yourself as well as the others. We only l…

On Christmas Day

as a yearly tradition we went to our ancestral home in Catandala for the Christmas Day..small reunion of Perez family..

my beautiful and handsome cousins..

my Mamay Bastian..( brother of my Lola Quinay)

 our home..every year we went here..and when we were children we used to spend several days here during the Christmas season..

Thanks Heidi for the gift of Maroon 5 newest album..

thanks Blas for the wonderful time in Starbucks..

Before Christmas

And just before Christmas I have some hectic schedules to attend to. And thanks God I have done them successfully with stress of course but worth it..just before Christmas we went to Manila to have some good times and visit my brother in Cubao..along the way we visited Bonifacio Global City and it was really a city within a city..if I have money I will invest in this developing city..

 afterwards we went to Cubao and specifically to Araneta Center since my brother's house is just around the corner..before that we have indulged in some sight-seeing and dining and we really have enjoyed that day..

 this branch of SM in Cubao is the first SM I have seen and visited when we used to go to Araneta Center during this Christmas season..and the whole Center is making a major make-over to get par with the emerging shopping centers in the Metro Manila area..

and as usual gift/cash giving to my pamangkins in Cubao..

 and thanks Rudolf for the T-shirt as we have exchange gift on the spot..I …

Blogging Plan

The year 2012 which is about to end in less than two weeks brings some important achievement on my blogging experience. I was able to master some blogs on different platforms like  in here in blogspot. I have also active blogs on wordpress, tumblr and posterous. I have blogs on different areas in which I feel I can write and post photos at my best.

And these are my plans on my different blogging platforms:

1. Wordpress - well still the king of the blogging platform for millions of people including me. As far as I remember it was in 2010 when I have planned to take further my coffee blogs for the next year ( 2011 and beyond) and I have did it..I have posted lots of coffee blogs featuring different coffee shops and experiences in different locations. I have also enriched my travel blog and also able to travel to some parts of the country be it near or far..and my plans for the coming year..TO SLOW IT DOWN..there comes a point where I am just staring and just wandering my I have…

Thank You

Thank you for this food really know what I wanted this Christmas hahaha!!

My Year In Review

Though it is not yet the end of the year ( or end of the world as the Mayan calendar predicted) I am doing this review of Big Happenings to my life during this year. I could enumerate some achievements, some celebrations, some griefs and others.

One of the greatest achievement for me this year is definitely my GRADUATION. At last I have my MBA. Thanks to all my classmates and professors and other people who helped me on my way to another educational degree. I have learned a lot. And I hope I could use it next year to my next endeavor.

Another milestone is the granting of immigrant visa to my mother after years of processing it to the US Visa. Though it is somehow a lost for us since she will be far away from us, I know that her presence in my sister's home in Longbeach will be such a great help for them. After eleven years of not seeing each other, ate Michele and Inay has finally together again.

Another one that I can be proud of this year is about my blogs. I have returned to be…

Party! Party!

A celebration of hope..of giving thanks for the whole year of blessings..a celebration of gift-giving..of winning those prizes! ( congrats to all the winners!)..and most of all a celebration of FUN! FUN!!

Sunset At Kepco Ilijan

just last Monday before our Christmas Party I have the chance to take some pictures of the beautiful sunset in the plant..wonderful..magnificent..nature's wonder at its best..

Thank You

Thanks for the gift..and since it is a food, I ate all of them at once hahahaha! busug!!

Gearing For The Third

And I have my two Starbucks  planner with me..And they were all was shipped out to New  York yesterday and the other one will be shipped out to Batangas this week..and the third one? maybe it will be for me..or as a another gift..