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I See Red

And we had our dinner last night at the newly opened Hap Chan in Batangas City. As usual we had some chicken and fish fillet. And most of all I began to appreciate hot tea. Turning Japanese? Not really. I am a coffee drinker but not a tea lover. And now it is changing.

The Wisdom Of A Fool

You are quite familiar with such line "the wisdom of a fool won't see you free" if my lyrics is right. There are so many idioms and expressions that seems to help us to clear our heads and see things differently. Those ideas and words serve as our mentor. Our guide to help us create and understand the world even better.

Sometimes I just want to in the art world. Just like that film maker. I want to narrate and tell the world what I am feeling right now. I want to explore some medium like the film to showcase some social realities and problems hoping that the government will do something about it.

Sometimes I just want to get out of what I am doing or where I have been to now. I want some change of place or some change of people. The very the same people that for most part I am dealing with them. I don't know where this writing will go through but one thing is for sure; writing keeps me sane.


I have missed posting to my multiply account. And I am into this blog now. I have devoted much time now here and I am quite happy about it. So what about me lately? I have this dream ( so shallow LOL!)  of owning such a wonderful and vintage vinyl record/turntable. I have seen one in one thrifty store in Batangas City ( an ukay ukay of some Japanese stuffs) and the price is very reasonable 3k. I have check via Unbox that a brand new one ( very contrasting to its name) costs about 6k. So I am in dilemma now what to choose. Well it really depends on my moods and budget. I think I should go with the new one.

And as usual I still maintain my hobby of writing/featuring some coffee shops in my other blogs. I cannot go away with ( why should I ) and though I am on a diet I cannot help but taste some delicious offering and calorie gainer coffee and cake. And thinking lately I guess I am reaching such stage as maturity ( as if there is such stage). I am beginning to accept things which I cann…

First Taste

And I have my first taste of our new system today..Good indeed! And I shall continue to grow!


Last Monday at the MOA..

Long Weekends

Last Sunday overnight up to Monday with my cousins..having some good times at Valentino Resort in San Jose Batangas..


For the nth time I am a Godparent and this time to my cousin John Andrew ( son of my second cousin Rosanna)..


So many requirements in my MBA on my last semester..God help me..


Got you some letters..
with pictures..
including this one..
hope to be a daddy sooner..
with you..
I love you..


Working in the construction industry years ago..In FF Cruz..          


And we have now some CCTV's on the warehouse..Big brother is watching!

New Email

Got this new email, actually they have updated it to Outlook. My old hotmail since it is still Microsoft got its new look in the new Outlook. And I can chat with my facebook friends via the newest feature of connecting this email with my google and facebook too..

To Create

We are all given time to recreate..let us help one another and not destroy each other..

I have seen some friendships tumbled turning back..becoming lifetime enemy..
too late? maybe not..LOVE is still the ANSWER!


Santori? Italy? Greece maybe..
I want to go my dream..
and I want it to become a reality!

The Old

Reminiscing the old times..
lessons learned..
I must learn a lot..
this time..
no time..
I have to think fast..
no time..
got to go..


My adorable models for nephews whom I love to take picture of..and we bonded altogether..