Thursday, November 28, 2013

So Tired

Early morning I was off to Manila. On leave once again! Thanks God I have so many leave credits.

Submitted some documents..

Attended PDOS - and I was enlightened, sometimes fear crept in me..but I am so determined..

Take an exam..some sort of online or computerized needed!

And I am so tired..but I have to come back finalize everything..God is good always..

yet I am so tired now..time to sleep early!!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013


And our bill for this month is way up so very very high!!!! What's happening? Is it because of the maintenance shutdown of two power plants in Batangas as they explained? Or just plain stupidity from the law makers who drafted and finalized the bill about how our electricity is distributed?

By the way that moment of anger is done. I guess all I have to do is just pay. And be considerate enough in using the electricity. Time to save!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Almost Done

Almost every Friday I am out. I am out there processing some issues. And the finish line is almost there. A major breakthrough has been done. And the remaining are just minors. And for sure next Friday I will be out again. This is it! I am really into it! Goodluck to me! to us..for us dreamers..even the very distant land will be so near..even the most sacred month of December will not be spared..just to reach for it..again hooray for us! May the Good Lord be with us always!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bigger Than Life

Santa has been in Ate's almost the size of Mujay!

This day I have this wonderful shot of the plant..after we have been so busy with the auditors and we have to go to the MRF area ( disposal area maintained by E&C) and checked randomly the obsolete materials as declared last year for the auditors!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Digestion. Juice. I need it now. Vitamins. Immunity. I need it now.
Cleansing my stomach? My soul too? My health is really wealth..better late than never! start to eat right now. Not necessarily starving oneself but eating the right food at the right proportion!

The First Gift To Be Given

Is it for you? for me? for kid for sure! to one of my inaanak! Advance Merry Christmas! or a Happy Birthday too?

The Invitation


Not yet. But I heard some of my office-mates are going that way. Anyways I have spotted the ship that unloaded some reserved diesel for the power plant. It was so fast I cannot have a very good view to have a photoshoot..

Race To That Planner

My friend Blas will be the first recipient of this year's Starbuck's Planner. So drink that coffee and collect those stickers!!

Comic Life

My friend Nitoy attended a "comic festival" of some sort in Manila last week. I should have been there but I cannot due to some busy schedule.

My niece and nephews are into Gaia long before Facebook took over world via the social media. And basically those are about avatar and comics in the online world. Not the traditional comics as we perceived them to be but adapting ourselves as comic character in online world. And then there is Facebook with Bitstrips as its app for comic. And it is taking the social world by storm. You can see in every newsfeed some sort of comic status of your friends doing something worth sharing via this app.

And I am loving it!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Maintenance Shutdown

In order to have a reliable and continuous operation Kepco power plant in Ilijan have this yearly maintenance shutdown. I guess I have to see those activities since in my seven years in Kepco I only see that disassembling only once when Edgar let me tour inside the plant years ago. And I want to see more now. Maybe this week I could go with Ryan to see some "actions" inside the plant. (photos courtesy of Dante Manalo)

A Season Of Happiness

Let us not forget to enjoy the current season! It might surprise us and eventually lead us to much more and happier life! So do not waste the opportunity to be jolly, to be with our loved, drink, dine, do whatever makes you happy!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Signature Bags

Yesterday someone from the plant brought these bags. Actually they were expensive but I really do not understand why women love those signature bags. Some sort of their trademark. Anyways I have called my Ate Arlyn to inform about these items which according to them were from the US itself. The price ranged from 8 thousand to 11 thousand a piece!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas Tree in Kepco

And the office is full of Christmas decorations now! Of course our annual Christmas tree!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas Is Coming!

And most of the malls around are fully decorated by Christmas decors. So our homes too. The air is somehow changing to a cold breeze in the early morning. Merry Christmas to all and may this season brings us all the happiness that we wish for!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Prayers And Assistance

And I thought we were prepared to the most devastating typhoon in history. And we were not. Initial report we had about 10,000 dead. Holy God! What's happening to our country? Are we that bad that heaven gave us those calamities?

Saturday, November 9, 2013


That squash had its purpose that finally arrived in our office. And we got it. I got one and actually ate it this lunch. After the storm yesterday I had this chance to explore some areas near my office cubicle and surprising found this place. And I had posted them in my Facebook account together with a poem:

Trees (Joyce Kilmer)

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

**I remember my nephew Archie Vasquez when he was still memorizing that poem years ago..**

And now I am contemplating on these photos. We all have a purpose. A meaning in existence. Finding it is like a beauty which shines eternally. We can find it and when we do we will know it.

Learning To Say "NO"

This is about self-preservation. I have learned to say no to something, to someone. I have learned to disagree and complain about something. I have learned to prioritize myself first and then the others next. I have learned to give quality time alone. I have learned to say NO!

I even learned to say no to some offer if it will compromise my current plan. I learned to say that I do not want the situation I am into now. So I make some actions. I move and I am willing to do it. I will never forever be in that situation or in that same place. I have to go out!

And I learned to say no to temptations. I have learned the art of control. The art of patience. The art of waiting for the right Yes!

And I think it is coming on my way. Lots of it!

Friday, November 8, 2013


We hope that the strongest typhoon to hit the country will not be that devastating to our country especially our province Batangas. We ask this in our Lord Jesus Christ!

Prayers indeed can move mountain and stop storm. God is all the mighty power entity!

New Hopes

Each morning gives us new hope, new meaning, new struggles. I hope that every morning will bring us closer to God, to his mission of doing good for the others. Even if the others do not reciprocate what we are doing and instead do something otherwise. I forgive those people who for some reason or the other do something wrong just to get ahead. I forgive those people who do not see the good in others and instead bring destruction to us. I know they have done for some reasons but eventually they should realize that still they are human. Just being possessed momentarily by some evil spirits.

I know I can control my rage now. But yesterday I did not but eventually it settled down. I do not want to spend my quality time just by giving those individual the unnecessary attention even though they have caught my attention and triggered that rage. I know they have done it because it is their only reason to be happy in such an evil ways. I know their time will come and realize that indeed they have done wrong and maybe they will die with it. I hope so. I hope that they should realize when  something bad happened to their loved ones. A matter of karma. And they deserve it if not now I hope maybe later. Sooner!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Videoke Night

After the eat-all-you-can dinner at Ginazel we decided our Tuesday night more unforgettable by having our videoke session at F. Baylosis. Actually this was a welcome dinner to Rafael Bauan-new HR and maybe just maybe a despidida for some of us? hahahaha!! you will never know who will get out..surprising isn't it? Yes I was surprised! A very awesome night courtesy of course of the treat by our manager Mr Choi!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Still Valuable

And I have got the call. From last month. A few months ago. And the most recently this morning. I still update my profile. Updating my skills is my choice and intentions. I should have done this a long time ago and better not stuck in here.

I have much of the time. Much of the resources. I must include it in my prayers that someday I will be able to pull  some networks and basically work it for me. Many are online. Many are just filling the blank. Some replies with full details. Some ask for my information. Some contacted me and we had the conversations. And most recently I have signed. My first step. My first crawl after long years of hibernating in this swamp place full of crocodiles. A place of not learning. A place where culture of being dishonest continue to thrive. A place where infidelities are abound. A place of sins. A sinner's world! And I do not want to join them.

The other shore might take long to swim but I will try. Just to get out of here.

Wants For The Season

Should I buy it this year? Or I will settle for Ipad mini? or both? or nothing?

Monday, November 4, 2013


It will be a dishonesty if I say that I am still happy where I am now. Yes I am happy but I have realized that I had rather be somewhere else than in a place where I have to hate others for being as themselves as so greed and so mean.

I do not know if they have been raise as such or they are just a product of their environment. Either way I really really do not want to be with them anymore. If only I could transfer somewhere else. Please I need that dream job to be able to escape from this prison. A prison of people who treats other people as NOTHING!


Statistics? You are partly right. Partly wrong. I have once remarked that you can spot a lie or a pattern of a human behavior but just looking at some deviations that they have made. They maybe jolly then all of a sudden they become sad. A deviation. And some events trigger that changes. A deviation. Once a person cannot control his normal acts he will resort to something very different to what is normal of him.

And I have seen recently some deviations. Not to speak of myself but the others since I can learn from them and see if I have deviated too from my normal and common ways of living.

Let's go to a favorite hang-out. Starbucks. We drink coffee there and have some meaningful conversations. And we meet and forge a deal in a cup of coffee. Until I have seen someone. She is not a frequent to that coffee shop. And I know now. I have connected the dots. I judged her because it was so obvious.

And back to that coffee shop. A couple of nights ago I have seen a familiar face. An authority. He belonged to a prestigious group. I never liked him since day one. And will never be. His sarcastic and commanding voice that divided the whole organization definitely earn him as A NONSENSE TO ME. He is just a trash with worth of peso being given to him.

And I have seen him in Starbucks. Did I greet him? I will never attemp. He never saw me. And I will not even try to smile if he will see me.

Attending A Seminar

I have attended the seminar ( in-house) about sexual harassment and AIDS, TB and Hepatitis B awareness as well as the human relation and labor relations as conducted by DOLE. It was an enlightening one-day seminar that tackled some basic rights and obligation and the policy making bodies as well as on how to formulate about it. I am a policy maker in the material control and it gives me some insights and perspective on how to update our policies.

And if God permits I will be using my skills in updating and polishing the policies and procedures in other company. I really want it but somehow some obstacles are keeping me to think twice. Or maybe this is a learning experience for me to even or further see my limits and expectations.

Undecided Now?

And I do not know what to do now. Undecided? I guess so. I cannot tell what is good for me as of the moment. Test of faith? I need some signs. And He gives it. But some other signs are just around the corner. I might get the wrong impression. The first? Or the next which will be better? I am confused now.

I might need some time. Some orderliness. I need to re-wire my brain to see my top priorities. To be able to decipher what is truly best for me. I know these are just the flavors of it. I can get over it.

I want it now. Or should I listen to my deeper ego that patience is indeed a virtue! ( photo from an art page in facebook)


And I want that serenity. That peace of mind. Am I getting it? I hope so. I should.
I'd rather be in other place than here? I do not know. Some are falling apart. I might get it straight and avoid the mess up. I need to get a firm stand. This week.

Looking at that painting makes me feel good. Thanks to facebook I have it. Now it is time to work. To decide. And to live again!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 1

Yesterday..after we had visited the cemetery in the morning we had watched Thor 2 late in the afternoon courtesy of my cousin Heidi! Thanks thanks! and later last night we had to visit my grandparents a few walk away from our home in Floral Garden. And Tintin bought those pizza! One thing we had noticed in the cemetery nowaday; lots were taking photos using mobile phone and SLR! and we are guilty of it too hahaha!

Going Up The Ladder

I am on my age where I can be anything. And thanks God I have achieved some of my dreams. I have gone far and I felt so good about it. An...