Thursday, October 31, 2013


Those days are gone. No more half-days? Is it because they do not bother to go home? Or just so workaholic? Either ways it is legal!

I guess I have to settle and accept the reality that sometimes you have to accept that those old days of having such a half-days are gone! ( sounds redundant? hahahaha! upon editing )

Better leave this place all the way? No turning back?

I hope next week I will have the answer!

Happy Birthday Andrei!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Tintin!

Last night in F. Baylosis..dinner with Baler and Peradilla clan..happy birthday to my niece Tintin, actually her debut but she did not want to celebrate it with the traditional setting so we just settled for these and last Saturday in Alabang..and of course she had with her the new Iphone 5!

And we had our videoke night up to 11 pm last night!

Tintin Pre-Birthday Celebration

 Last Sunday in Alabang..We had lunch at ATC..then checked-in at Crimson Hotel..dinner in Festival that relaxing mode/moments with my pamangkins, ate, kuya and Inay..Once in awhile we had to give ourselves that much needed lieu of the celebration of my niece Christine Joy..

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vote Wisely!

If you want to have a political dynasty then go ahead vote for them! If you want some changes then go ahead vote for them! Either way it is your choice. Never be dictated because it is your basic right to choose no matter who or what influences you to do so. If you feel you do not want to vote then go ahead and sleep all day!

Election day specifically the barangay election tomorrow is not about democracy. It is all about freedom!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Too Far Away?

I have checked it in Google Map. It was a far away. One continent away almost. It was a mainland of pure desert. A place where the oil and gas was flourishing and supplied the vastly if not the world's needs. A place where some expatriates thrived and made millions including our very own OFW. And if God permitted I will be joining them. I will become another workforce working in a very distant land just to reach my dreams and goals.

If God permitted this will be a major decision for my life this year. A life-changing event! Whatever the consequence there might be I am very ready to face it! And last night I have googled the possible site and excited to see the new landscape that I might be into for the next months to come! God bless me!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Ate Michele!

 Today is the birthday of Ate Michele and tomorrow will be my Inay's!

Strengths -Finder

Last night I had this coffee session with one of my best friend as usual took place in Starbucks. I had not seen him for awhile so we had so many stories to catch up with. We talked about our works, some plans and some ideas for personal growth. Oh he had this new Ipad mini and I wanted it too hahahaha!! Later that night I had made up my mind to read this HR book about really finding one's strengths so that one can fit to a job he really wanted. And I guess I fall into "input, intellectualism, communication , and also in context" strengths. And it made me strong to really decide on something that is bothering for quite some time now. It really helped reading it.

By the way this season is gift-giving time and I personally made it sure I give first to myself. And I had bought that perfume since it was on sale in SM yesterday.

Taking It!

Last week was an eye-opening season for me. Some opportunities were knocking on my footsteps. And I guess I was ready to take it given the reality that I had been complaining lately of what was happening around me. I had to think really wise and timely to extract what is good for me. I had think it over last Friday with a cup of coffee. And I prayed to God. And the next I had trooped to the familiar street. I had remembered seven years ago I was at that avenue too. And a deja vu? I guess so. For the better.

With a nice room view I had took it with no regrets. Next process will on my way. I hope fate and luck and of course God should help me. I really need them now. And later that afternoon I went to my brother in Cubao and we had a very heart-to-heart talk regarding some decisions that I should make. He agreed with it and I was really on my way to what I really want. I should get it. I should have it. Now.

Friday, October 18, 2013

"Aalis Ka Pa?" II

And today is a blessing once food floods in our plant! Diet is non-existent today! Aalis ka pa ga? hahahaha!!!

"Aalis Ka Pa?"

Waves of being uncomfortable in a certain place or position is quite visible here now. Many are trying to apply for a greener pasture somewhere else. I am not an exception.  There is no wrong to get more out of life in which this place definitely cannot give now. Maybe never. I never regret meeting some people here whom I have learned so much! Nakakasuka lang makasama yung mga taong parang ang sobrang linis at madumihin parang mahihiya ka namang katabi siya! But checking his very own personality eh sino ba naman siya to act like that? Isang gagong taong walang ginawa kundi guluhin ang mga nanahimik dine. Hindi tahakang ginugulo pero traydor nga kaya mag ingat na lang po!

That is one I have learned in here. To be numb  and go with the flow. Anyways they are just my 8-hour a day challenge. After that they do not exist. Nakakasuka na lang talaga! Kung may malilipatan nga lang!!

By the way we had our boys nights out last night with Japs, Jayson, Grover, Ryan and Edwin..what a night!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SGV Audit

For the 8th year I am attending to the SGV Audit. And this morning we have random counting. And it went well. After all these years of revision and inventory improvement, we had attained the highest standard in terms of material control for a given power plant. I know we had sacrifice a lot in fixing and correcting some errors of the past. And we are glad now that our labor is finally having its fruitful results.

I do not know next year if I will still be here for the audit. Maybe I will auditing but in another company. The same scenario, the same industry.


And I went solo last night. My nephews were busy studying for their examinations. I just went for a dinner at SM. And I loved this tanigue with vegetables on top. I know I have to be on diet but I guess this one contained less calories because it was a fish. I really need to suppress my appetite now for the upcoming turn of event if granted in the coming weeks! I hope I can have it with satisfaction. I hope I can get what I truly deserve!

Prayers For Visayas

Bohol and Cebu in the Visayas region was rocked by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake early morning yesterday. Many historical buildings were destroyed and many casualties has been reported. Prayers and much needed disaster relief operations are needed to the stricken areas. Indeed Filipino spirit is unshakable! No matter what happened we are still standing and helping each other in these times of calamity and disasters! We hope for a fast recovery of the region.

The Second "Call"

And last night I was waiting for something. And that something really got my way last night. And honestly I was happy about it. I might go to Makati this Saturday. I will do it if the terms and conditions are not only satisfactory but good enough to go and leave.

It has been months since I have begun my journey. And on the coming months I know I can have it if God permits. I want to have it. I want it badly. I will do whatever it takes to get it. I am much determined now because if not now, then when? I do not want to be in here forever!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday's Night Out

Got my nephew for a stroll this night. We first went to the city to meet with my high school classmate to give some important documents. Hoping for a family day of our high school class this December!

Then we went to Starbucks. My cousin was there with his girl hahaha!! And so we just ordered these drinks..nice to see my nephew as he turns into a young adult? and almost much taller than me now!!

Three People

There are certain people in our life that made us what we are today. As I aged I have realized that I can categorized them into three major categories. I came with this idea a long time ago but it only now that I have  remembered it. And actually put it on writing. These three categories are so broad that I cannot reduce it anymore. If you are in the circle of one of those categories, then good for you. Just be careful where circle you are into with my life.

People Who Helps Me. From my parents up to those people who really helped me where I am today. Those mentors, teachers, everyone who do not put me down. Thanks to my parents who bring me to life in this world. Thanks to my brother and sister who really care when no one is there. Who else. I would say those people who in one or the other give me some hands to land a job and somehow guide me in my career. I wish to give thanks to all of my teachers from elementary up to the graduate school. I want to include my classmates too who I trust and becomes my friends for life. I have remembered after my high school years that I was the one who organized for our annual reunion and luckily some of my barkadas really saved time to get to the occasions. I included them in this list. I want to give also this circle to those unknown mentors and bosses of mine for the past years and helped me to realize and forged within myself the leadership that I must possess to go on with my life. I am indebted to them for life.

People I Am Able To Help. I must admit I am a helpful person. As long as I have something to offer and someone really needs my assistance I give it all. I give my time to some classmates to finish their thesis in college. I give my time to some special friends and give them advice and presence whenever they are in deep trouble. I give some financial favor if I have some money. I have give some mentoring sessions to some younger generations. I treat to every possible restaurants some of my family especially my mother and nieces and nephews. I give valuable information to those people who really need it. I give my editing knowledge to people who really needs it that may spell a life-saving tool for them. I helped whenever I have the time and the capacity. Those are from my heart and I never wait for return because I am contented by the happiness by mere seeing them as relieved because I have helped.

People Who Put Me Down. There are also people whom I treated as friends before only to realize that they are just masking their intentions. They are all around. Some steal my work. Some use my ideas to advance their career. And now I have realize it I must do some justice for myself by bringing them down too. It is high time to get some revenge in such a very nice way. I have learned a lot from these people. I have learned to play. And I will fool them to see them in a mud where they should really belong. It is time for me to act and balance the people in my life. I know they are inevitable. I know they will exist forever but I will not let them harm me again. No way!

Happy Birthday Geof Adriel!

To my inaanak Geof...Happy 1st Birthday! May you grow as a healthy boy and a loving child to your parents and other siblings!

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