Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Lamp

Thank you to the Flickr account of Mr Hernandez that I have found the photo above. It reminds me of my elementary years in Ilijan where we still have no electricity and should rely on that kerosene lamp. It kept us awake to study at night. It gave us light throughout the longest night.

So what's happening now? Too much rest is not that good I guess or am I just exhausted or have I exhaust every single area of Dammam to visit? I guess so. Last Friday we had our swimming in Safwa - later I will make a blog about it.

I have called yesterday my nephew in the Philippines who happened to be his day-off since he is working in a BPO company for URC.He handled technical support and assistance to various business unit of URC. Thanks God he got a job so early after his graduation! And thanks God also he has just graduated and yes I am the one who  financed his college education. And it means I could save money for me now. And I am doing it little by little but I never stopped giving my mother financial assistance every month. Thanks to this country that I am able to save more. Thanks to the company I am working for here. Thanks God for all the blessings though it is really a sacrifice to work so far away from home. But I am beginning to embrace the different cultures and I am learning a lot from every individuals I am interacting with everyday of my work-life.

Seven months ago I was hesitant and very unsure of what is awaiting for me here in the Kingdom but now and looking back I can say that God really has its plans and purpose for everything that is happening to us. He has greater plan for all of us. We really have to trust Him. That much!

Yesterday as I recall  too I have this 12-minute of my life because I had this conversation with my loved ones. She was so busy and still are but somehow we are able to communicate via email and yesterday was the very first time I have heard her voice for about months that I have left the Philippines. She seemed relax and her angelic voice seemed to cool the very high temperature here in KSA. That 12-minute conversation seemed to be very long. That minutes of hearing her voice and reassuring that we are still OK means a lot to me. I know we have a lot of things to work on.

So that's it for now.
Happy Eid to all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hear It On Vinyl

And I guess I am obsessed with it..I have checked this morning my Flickr account and I have seen these photos of vinyl and I have clicked it. At first I was stunned by the photo ( taken by a professional) and the camera he used to capture that then my curiosity ran deep and one click away I have these multiple sites ( youtube, facebook, twitter, etc) looking at these turntables.

A big thanks to Flickr Links of Mr. D that I have seen his photos..thank you very much...

Then I have liked  Satchmi FB Page ( the distributor of Motorino in the Philippines) and I also followed Satchmi Twitter to have latest updates from them. And of course I have checked the Satchmi Website to check some items. I also check Olx ( previously) Motorino Turntable and I really should buy it when I come home.

And maybe after some time I will be longing for this very old-fashioned vinyl player I have found on Youtube

By the way I have read yesterday that vinyl records are going mainstream again since the sales of its records are going on a very high demand nowadays. A sort of being nostalgic in times of digitally enhanced modern world!

I am. I will.

First teaser to the much-awaited Hunger Games saga. Watch it.
Revolution. Violence to end violence. Israel. Gaza. Palestine. Other Middle East conflicts. God give us peace!

“All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.” 
A quote from Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 
And yes it is true. We have public life. A private one.  Some secrets.
We guard them by all means.

So where am I now? Just thinking of getting out of this boredom. A week of holidays but it is killing me. I hope I could go somewhere. Now.

Got another scandal? Mr Bediones? Careful what you shared for. It might leak online!

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Little Indulgence

Of course coffee..reading..pens..and perfumes..aside from my Benetton and Dolce & Gabana and Yardley, I have bought this Givenchy and Christian Dior in my seventh month of stay here in KSA..and the locals here are so fond of buying those fragrance too..

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Our PGM emailed most of us employees to attend this day's ( night) Iftar that has been held at the function room of the Dammam Palace Hotel. Almost all of the Filipinos are present as well as our other co-employees mostly Indian and Pakistanis. They are in their best dress ( mostly their local costume). And basically food are deliciously enough to break the fast they said. But I must agree I am very grateful they have this spaghetti!

Again thank you for inviting us and to celebrate the Muslim's world holy month of  Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Angas City"!!!

Barako. Matapang. Angas City!!!

Typhoon Glenda will never break Batangueno's spirit..Bridge collapsed. Plaza's ruined. But the spirit lives on! Bangon Batangas! Keep safe..and more prayers aside from more actions..

The End For Jack?

We hope season 10 is on the way! No more Tuesday excitement? No more breath-taking pounds for pounds per minute blow of adrenaline rush? is it really the end for Jack and Chloe?

Please give us the season 10 please!!!

Nuts Entertainment

Are these nuts really good for our health?
To answer that I have bought some bags ( small bag hahahaha) and let's see for awhile..

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Starting A Collection

Back in the Philippines I have tried to collect and use some pens for a collection. However I was never serious about it because of some circumstances mainly on the cost side. But then I am here in Saudi Arabia and a few walks away from our house are some stores that carry and sell those pens. So I paid a visit a couple of nights ago and I have bought some "made in China" original pens! Ironic isn't it? But yes they have brands but Chinese intended not to engrave or put it in prints. How about the quality? They are all fine. And mind you much cheaper than the signature brands!

So the signature or more popular brands are the photos below. Parker, Inoxcrom and I might buy Sheaffer and others in the future. For now I shall settle for Parker. The legend!

P. S....

I have found this "antique" Parker which is a gift from Keilco way back in 2007. And I am still using it!

A Treat To Myself

This past week was a hectic one for me. The project/power plant is about to be turned over to us by this month onward and we are currently polishing and finishing those items and issues of concerned to be finalized and distributed to Hajr and Samsung. I have to follow up and check those reports from different department heads ( some QC and internal control works) and finally submit to our PGM then he will forward them to Hajr and Samsung. And almost all the transactions are in email but I preferred to most of the time approach personally the person's concerned to speed up the process. And we are half way through it.

So when Thursday night came I have to unwind and relax a bit. So where should I go then? I have rushed to Jarir and see some books available and I really have to buy again that one from Coelho because my first copy is in the Philippines. Then I have my dinner at Burger Fuel and yes it was delicious and the place is somehow classy and I felt at home because almost of the staff are Filipiinos!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"elbi planner"

This is one is up for grab for those UPLB students - I don't know if available to all or just for my niece's department only. But the important is she designed it. A designer? Yes she is a techie, a blogger, a writer, an artist ( she sketch some anime characters). A photographer. Somehow like me hahaha!

Congrats Tintin!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Weekends

Reading books. Staying online. Watching movies and TV series online. Eating. Washing clothes. Done my grocery. Skype. Calling home via mobile. Updating some blogs. Watching on Keek and Vine and Youtube.
Maybe I should visit Jarir Bookstore this night.

MI Is For Multiple Intelligence

Yesterday and even today I am listening to a podcast by a very talented Pinoy podcaster Mighty Rasing via his blog in And I find it very interesting that somehow enlightened me of some cases and instances when I view and witness some people that are so superior in some aspect over the others.

And based on my common sense and inner reflection I must have been blessed with some intelligence and I know now why I am at ease and with efficiency can do something even without supervision. And admittedly I am not so blessed with other intelligence but as life teach us we can compensate with our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths. This is true in our career and also in our personal life. Just be reminded of those intelligence that we possessed and used it for the betterment of our life and others.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Moving" Selfie

And this is my Vine and Keek just click the link below and you are there...

My Keek Profile

My Vine Profile

Those two video sites of mine is the version of selfie at its best but with video..the two apps let you record in a matter of less than a minute video of everything but mostly selfie - in a moving may soon replace the photo selfie as we know it..

Thanks to my Lumia and the internet here that I am able to record most of my treasured moving selfies hahahaha!!!

P.S. though I am social media addict and photo-driven individual I never had a single photo-post to my Instagram..I just don't feel it..I am contended with "flooding of photos" in facebook so I guess I have no time to post to Instagram..weird? I don't know..

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#meme that's spreading like fire..

This morning upon opening my FB I have seen the usual news..but something got my attention and it was about Sen.Miriam - the lost hope president "should-be" years ago but somehow lost her luck due to unexplained Philippine's politics. Then she resurfaced with her "punch-lines" that were funny yet so true and hit like a fire..we need her to balance the dirty politics and a normal scene of plunder cases and other malicious accusations to our other government officials.

Then this morning she headlined herself again confessing through the wide world and very complicated social media that she has a lung cancer ( curable according to the news) and the netizens reacted and gave support to her as usual..and we should support her..she is battling a survival for her life..not only for this county maybe but for her own life..

And that's how I received news nowadays..through the social media with memes and hashtags to make the news more colorful..and the bashings among celebrities that even the wrong grammar and spelling of Gov. Vilma has been the feast of every twitter and facebook posts..what a wonderful world!

Saturday Morning

At the rooftop of our apartment..then Chips Ahoy breakfast..a day in Dammam..

Going Up The Ladder

I am on my age where I can be anything. And thanks God I have achieved some of my dreams. I have gone far and I felt so good about it. An...