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"Kaya Mo Ba?"

Living and actually working abroad is not easy. But we are here accepting the challenge and improving our lives. We are here because we have accepted the question "kaya mo ba" especially in the Middle East country where some of the luxury and comfort of our home in the Philippines are somehow missing. We have accepted the fact that living and working here is no big joke and we have to persevere and adjust to every possible situations around.

One is the "water situation". Yes we are living in the desert, actually in the middle of a very big mass of land with almost you can see are sands. And sands and sand all over. No water. Thanks to technology of desalination that we have those bottled water in every store and many drops to our faucet. Ok that right side of the equation has been solved. But the more difficult part is when summer really heats up we have to really drink a lot of water and sweat it out because of humidity. Such a "saudi trademark" as I c…

(New) Home Sweet Home!

And last night I have my first night last here in our new house ( a flat just maybe 15 minute-walk away from Dammam Palace Hotel). And I enjoyed the first night and day. And eventually our three months to follow. I am here with my fellows like Grover and Ayie ( both from my previous company) and Ryan. We decided to transfer here for some good reasons and one of them is the cost. It is much less cheap here than staying at the furnished apartment. And the  other one is the internet connection. In the apartment the wifi is so slow that we still have to wait for the right timing to get connected ( usually late at night or very early in the morning). But here we have bought a 4G router via Zain and we are very much contented with the speed (30 mbps!) and that's very great. I could watch the latest episode of Anthony Bourdanain's show or the David Letterman Late Show. I could also stream and watch some of my TV series via Glow Gaze. Thank you Zain.

Living abroad is like a reality th…

It's Swimming Time ( and I am here huhuhu)


Holy Friday

And as a Catholic I prayed. Even in a distant land I still carry the faith. Even in the far-away home place I still believe.

A Holy Friday.

See You In Ramaniyah Mall

With foods...Filipino dishes..and lots of Pinoys especially on Friday..Al-khobar - 25 minute taxi ride from our home in Dammam..a meeting place for us Filipino here in Saudi Arabia..a place where you can see and heard Tagalog or Filipino..a place where you can call it home..away from home..

A meeting place for us..with my cousin Ruben last Friday and we ate at Bangus Restaurant..thanks God I am with all the people who helps us through in the challenging life here in Saudi..and we are beginning to call it our second home..

Broasted Chicken

Our lunch yesterday after we have cleaned our new house..eating here in Saudi is very challenging yet fulfilling but I must admit I have to watch my diet now.

(New) House Cleaning

Yesterday we had our general cleaning to our new house ( flat) so that by next week or before the month's end we can transfer there little by little. It was a nice decision to rent a flat than to stay here at the furnished apartment. It will be much cheaper there and we could set up our things more freely than here. And this "house thing" is one of those "Saudi experience" we cannot forget..


The heat is on in Dammam! As of this week the temperature is on the mid 30's and reaching 40 degrees..this is it! the beginning of the long summer up to August! But well in God's grace we can survive this..or maybe enjoy this one hahahaha!! thanks to my camera and some of my colleagues here that we still can roam the street of Dammam in the morning despite the heat..the trademark of this country! or this region for that matter..

Photos Of Happiness

Even at work..outside of work..I am beginning to be happy spontaneously here..kinda giving up that feeling of isolation..of loneliness..of being far away from home..this is my home..for now..