Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life Goes On

And they say goodbyes...
Till we meet again..

My room-mate Jops..a year ago..

Duan and Cocoy..several months ago..

Jeff Tolsa..Then Noel and the last is Zander..
thanks for all the time we spent together..in this desert..in this land..
every reason..every purpose..has its own place..under the sun..under the heaven..
but for us left here..our struggle continues..though we are still in the midst of thinking..
of choosing the best for us..
we know we could continue..to cherish..to live..and work..for our family..for ourselves..
life must go on..now..

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Go West

A couple of weeks ago..I went to one of my favorite spot of Dammam. A secret place where I can wonder and walk and feel like I am at home. And somehow I am at home. The sea breeze. The colder wind in the summer heat of Saudi Arabia somehow is on this place.

And I spend some time there. Reflecting on the sunset. On the boats. On the family gathered together to see a wonderful creation of God. Nature.

A nature in the bustling city. A quite place in a noisy metropolis. I asked. I answered. And I walked. I took some photos. Memories are made of these.

Go west as the voice told me.

New Beginning

Sometimes I want to be alone..then go offline.. In the beach..with no one.. and stay there as long as I want.. escaping reality? no. ...