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I Still Believed

I might say I am a dreamer. I might say I am wanderer. And I am indeed a traveler. Even at night here in Dammam I have managed to escape and tried some of the places of interest that really never failed me to amaze. I have love the twilight and even the broad daylight where I could see the beautiful sunset and some unusual sightings but nonetheless refreshed my being and soul. Sometimes I cried out and really longed for my hometown. Sometimes I just walked and waited for almost midnight to come home and then go to sleep. Sometimes I ate at very good and expensive restaurant just to pass the time. Sometimes I just go on walking and walking and then go back to our house. Sometimes I just stayed at home and watched saved tv series programs and let me wonder on my life so far. So far so good.

I can still sip and enjoy coffee. I can still call via FB messenger my family. I can still comment and post on Facebook and Instagram. I can still laugh at my own mistakes.I can still eat solo at Ap…

Those Things I Have Pondered Today

Almost everyday when we go home I have this glimpse of  a wonderful sunset in Dammam. I think every sunset is very much beautiful especially when you think that somewhere out there in another place the sun will be shining again and again everyday. It reminds us of the hope and life cycle that we are going through everyday life. It is a constant reminder that still there are wonderful things going on with our life. Life is precious. Life is sacred.

Sometimes when I am alone and bored I go this place called Seiko. It is somehow the center of Dammam but with a local touch. It means that most of the masses or ordinary people gather here and buy merchandise of all kinds. And there is this cheap coffee shop. I go there just to sit and reflect what those people are doing and what have I might missed and think of the future which somehow so unclear. I just think and thanks God that despite everything I am still luckier to some degree as compared to other people. But look at their face! They …