Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Technology At Its Best

We sometimes neglect those gadgets. We sometimes take for granted the privilege that we have now. We sometimes are not grateful for all the conveniences that we have now. Our generations previously strive to have a better communication and yet now we have all the advance technology, we sometimes do not appreciate the wonders and magic of the modern telecommunication platforms that enable us to hear and see our nearest family though they are far away.

If I Am Not In Love

What shall I do if I am not in love? I will be nothing. I should love and care. What shall I do if the other does not love me? I will do nothing? I should let go of her? I hope I could do that. I hope  I have the courage to face life without her. Why life and love are like that? Why sometimes we have to suffer? Why sometimes we have to wait for nothing? Or shall we? Answer me please!

Happiness Is Something Felt

And yes I am still happy here. Still I can enjoy the sun and the moon and those little things that truly matters. The smile, the basic necessities, the child-like attitude. All of those conspire to make us happier than ever. So what can you ask for in this life? Maybe you are still in  am  emptiness of your heart. Let time heals it. Let us be busy with our friends. Let us move until we are tired. And most especially let us mingle with our friends! Have fun! have some life!

Life Is Still Wonderful

The sunset..those beautiful setting of the mighty sun..lingering shadow and past of our previous live's. Just waiting there to revive or just let them go..I rather let them go..

- Inspired by this food because food here in the place is not quite delicious as the photo below.

New Beginning

Sometimes I want to be alone..then go offline.. In the beach..with no one.. and stay there as long as I want.. escaping reality? no. ...