Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A friend and an office-mate had his "initiation moments" at AGSB..continuous learning must be pursued regardless of our intention..not only we can learn the theoretical lessons but most of all the lesson of life in interacting those people..Goodluck and see you at the upper level of management someday hahaha!!


Just like the insurance policy that my friend is trying to sell to me..sometimes I have to risk it all..I have to do something to see if it is feasible..if it it likable..and if I enjoy then I will stay there for some time..

I hope it can be done sooner.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Roll me some drumsticks,chew me some chapchae and give me such selfie.."

8 traffic..destination arrived..
8 am - 9 am..breakfast at jollibee..reviewed some papers..I can do this..
9:30 am.. drank sola and mineral water from Krispy Kreme..then a call.."yes I can see the place a few meters from where I am sitting.."
10 am - the "fun" began seriously..
10:50 am - and it was finished..
the rest? was history and I went to Bonchon..

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013


No other happiness can bring with the weekends with family..with food..with some stuff  (poloroid camera won by Tin in Cafe Ella)..cake from Marnel..chicken time with Dada in KFC..

Friday, July 26, 2013

That Moments Right Now

I am beginning to weigh in. Starting to reconsider. I hope not. I hope that some decisions, some wishes will come as planned.

Monday. I need that Monday. But now this Friday give me some hope on the default side. So for the moment I will enjoy and come next week after that momentous day I will have an answer. Depending on the circumstances.

At least I am smiling and have that faith regained once again.

Thank you Lord!

Lean Month(s)

Ironic. Isn't ironic? Alanis Morrissette? I guess not.

This is about August. Yes the very month of August. The lean months ahead beginning July or August up to luckily August only? I hope so.

Two different people approached me for some life insurance. Ironic.

Then someone promised me to pay the debt to me by August. I hope so. Why is it August seemed to be such a difficult month? Every year almost.

I hope it will be change this year. By some good news that I am hoping to get by. Please God I need them in these times of almost everyone is gone and I am just left in here with almost nothing to talk to. I do believe that the universe will conspire this August to get what I want.


Honestly I was flattered by the very fact that more than three has said it to me. But I guess I have no intention of getting it. But at least they perceived it as well good for me. Thanks but no thanks.

A couple of days ago there were supposedly "encounter" but it has happened and nothing happened. Weird as that. Seriously they were so casual. Enough to raise some eyes or whatever.  Does reconciliation ever occur on their mind? Nevermind!

Last night someone called me to go on their party. I did not have an intention to go. How can I proceed if I know by voice that there are some people there whom I do not like from the very start? How can I ever exchange drinks to those individuals whom I do not know if a friend or a foe? Mostly are enemies camouflage as so concerned but in reality they do not care. I have seen them a few years ago that they have said that they controlled some people in here but in reality they do not. I have seen them how they have left the battle and the most ironic of all? they seemed to have such solid image of true camaraderie. Excuse me?

Anyways I have forgiven myself by being so affected by them. Eventually I have noticed I have become as cold as I should be in dealing with them. Cold as stone. I don't even need them in whatsoever I am doing now.

Hopefully I could get out sooner. By the way the new jacket makes me a little bigger huhuhu..Ibigay ko na lang sa kuya hehehe..on the second thought it is rainy months right? Next year na lang hahaha!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

And The Winner Is..

My niece Christine Joy Peradilla!! Congrats and pahiram ako nyan hahaha!

Congratulations to our Vintage Poser of the Week Ms. Christine Joy Peradilla who garnered 743 LIKES who received the FUJIFILM Instax Mini Polaroid Camera!!!

For those who want to join our next VINTAGE POSE OF THE WEEK visit our store from Thursdays to Sundays 8:00AM to 11:00AM or 2:00PM to 5:00PM.

Thank you very much for all who joined!

Human All Too Human

Social media is bombarded by this photo of the crying police during the SONA of the president. Despite the heat, the militant forces he kept on doing his duty until he broke down into tears. And a cameraman captured every human drama from his face.

Sometimes or most of the times crying released us from deepest emotional crisis from within. Don't be shy to cry even in this social-thirst society. After all we are all human. At least we are.

His Royal Highness Prince George Of Cambridge

(photos from my facebook homepage)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Batangas City Day

It was a holiday yesterday..and it was raining not that hard..I have seen in Unang Hirit that GMA Network got the Sublian - Batangas City Day on their morning show. But it did not get me encouraged to go to downtown and see the parade -a yearly tradition for me. I have missed this time. Instead I went to my nephew's house and sleep for quite some time. Love the slow day of just doing nothing but cuddling that soft pillow and got lost in my sleep.

And I woke up at around 4 pm!! Then I went to the city proper. And that was all I've got. Some TV personalities had been gone that morning. And so I went to SM and got a glimpse of Julia Barreto. She was so young and a little bit chubby from a very distant crowd. I heard that  a couple of days ago some Kapuso stars like Marian Rivera drew no crowd in their appearance in Batangas City. Kapamilya still rules! And later last night I had some hours of continuous no non-sense conversation with a colleague and I was so happy to talk to some new breed of people around. They kept me young and ideas-absorber in this time of information overload. Those young people kept me to inspire to go beyond what is in store to myself. And I prayed to God that it is time for me to go on a leap of faith. Got to try something different. For myself. I hope God will grant me my wishes.

It was about 10pm that we went home. Thanks to my office mate with his son and wife who happened to be  in Starbucks also and I just ride in their car.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The South Might Have An Answer

And we exchanged information. Valuable information. I hope this is the one I am waiting for.

I called up a colleague. We exchanged ideas. Some mistakes of mine since I have given some information. Not so big expectation. But maybe I could have a negotiation. Hoping on next week.

This is it. The South is my gateway to prosperity.

Please LIKE the Photo

Please do click first the link
and then LIKE THE photo..thank you very much..that's my niece in a photo contest..


Yesterday..eating day? Coffee day? just living to the fullest at the present. Never mind the future..just leave it to destiny? not yourself despite against the current? not exactly..sometimes you have to follow the current..sometimes you have to follow even if you are not into it..swallow a bitter pill? Exactly.

Saturday Night

How not to win in the Biggest Loser Challenge? Nope. I was just eating to satisfy my hunger..then coffee at night..a very wonderful night with some delightfully "scenery" that I have seen..such a precious gems that lurk into the night..provocatively eyeing for something..for someone..and the guess ended there..what has happened next was up to our imagination..

Saturday And I know It

Some wonderful things happened in some unexpected times..just feel the moment..take a to yourself..keep on walking..glance at nobody..enjoy the moment..And some magic will appear..

Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Not Win In the Biggest Loser Challenge

It's been a week since the newest Giligan's restaurant has opened in SM City Batangas. And I was not able to eat because of too much crowd ( of course since it is the newest in town). And last night I have the chance ( with my nephew) to have a light dinner there. Same ambiance. Not the same floor area as the typical Giligan's I have been into ( Lipa and Megamall). But definitely the same set of menus.

So how can I win in the Challenge? I should jog by tomorrow.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ultimate #Selfie

In this age of smartphone with camera and in an instant you can upload the photos taken into multiple social media sites, ultimate selfie is just an expression of pure narcissism. Be it good or bad or whatever as long as it brings joy and happiness..then do it!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Black Mamba Will Visit Manila ( again and again!)

So much for the Lebron's hype visit to Manila on July 23. I am glad my idol Kobe Bryant will visit Manila again on August 12 for his Lenovo promotional tour..the NBA superstar has been visiting the country for almost every year for his basketball clinic showcase here.

Photo courtesy of this site


The photo above is from my nephew's field trip a couple of years ago. It was in Sucat Power Plant. I think it is not being used and utilized and just in such state of decaying. And I am wondering how our power plant here in Batangas City will be say ten years from now. It might turn out to be just like that in the photo. I hope not.

Some people also are in that state of decaying. They have changed for the worst somehow. I hope they can return to their former selves. I am missing those good old days. How I wish they did not change simply because they have to conform to society. How I wish.

New Beginning

Sometimes I want to be alone..then go offline.. In the beach..with no one.. and stay there as long as I want.. escaping reality? no. ...