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Random Thoughts

Simple thoughts. Complex thoughts. I never thought that thinking is such a complicated and stressful endeavor yet we must do it in order to live. We must think or just decide without hesitation. And we lose. We must think in order to bring some organization in our life. Thinking is believing. Believing is thinking. I don't know.

Have decided to stalk some pictures or status or profiles of some of my friends who do not frequently update their status. And alas! they have many status also in facebook but I do not see them in my homepage. Facebook strategy. Algorithm as they call them. Complicated.

Let's talk about simple things instead. And some distractions.

Life seems to be not in its full swing if not for some derailment. Some detour. Some unplanned and some events that we do not wish to happen or occur but it does for some reasons. As for me I never fear now what will happen today. I am not afraid to embrace the present and the future. No matter what.

This comes to the realiz…

The Art In Me

Thanks to this site in Facebook ( I can repost and see some of the greatest art ( drawings and sketches) that suits my weary to look at those piece of arts which mirror the soul and the dedication of the artist to come with such nice and eye-popping canvass of life..

The Alternative

"We politicize economic issues and give economic perspective to political issues."
The banner speaks it all. The alternative to the mainstream media. And every news is an opinion in itself. I love this weekly newspaper which I have frequently bought at 7-11 outlets.

If you want something like PCIJ ( where the hell is their sites now?) then you made the right choice. The paper tries to reconnect once again the basic truth about the economic sides of everything and the political sides of everything too. The bottomline; it is always been about economics and politics.

Talk about mining. Talk about oil and gas exploration. Talk about money laundering. It is all there. With political twists of course.

I love to read this once a week.

They Steal Our Time

Or should I say we have allowed them to steal our time. It was an ordinary Friday evening that I have nothing to do when suddenly my cousin Jephren asked if I will not go to Starbucks ( our tambayan nowadays) and I said I was on my way that 7 o'clock in the evening. So I was there and waited for my cousin. As usual we ordered coffee ( oh he did not just some juice drink since he has this "acidic thing") and we settled outside the store. Thanks God there was no wind blowing and we can peacefully settle outside and do our endless conversations almost about everything and about nothing in particular. Just plain talks just passing the time. Then suddenly a not so elderly woman ( a decent one) from the adjacent table approached us and introduced about why they are in the city in the first place. And so the conversation went on and all of a sudden we were caught off-guarded and we were trapped in this marketing scheme. I was not worried because I have seen their announcement …

Saturday in Alabang

Yesterday and I was staying at home with no plans of going out that suddenly my Ate Arlyn called me and asked if I want to go with them to Alabang that morning. Without thinking twice I said yes.

First stop: lunch at Bonchon Chicken in Festival mall..I have noticed that beautifully painted wall..

 Second stop: The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf ( CBTL ) in Alabang Town Center..actually Ate Arlyn and Kuya Efren were left somewhere in ATC and were busy going around the mall when my coffee instinct strikes and I was with my nephews Andre and Limuel..

And lastly we had our snack which was more than a meal since we ate at CBTL minutes before Ate called us and asked our whereabouts and we headed to this California Pizza Kitchen where they are waiting for us..

Do You Feel Useful?

After a tiring yet so happy "gala mode" yesterday, I found myself almost lying on the bed at this lunch hour! I needed this Sunday. I wanted this scene of not doing at all but to sleep all day long until my body ached for some waking up actions. And now I am typing here on my blogs. Is it worth it? Yes. This is useful endeavor which I am doing for almost a decade now.

And I have slept for about hours before continuing this entry. I was not in the mood now to go out as if my soul and body has been drained yesterday.

So back again to the question " do you feel useful?" to reconnect my brains and neuron to the world. Yes I feel I am very much useful to myself and to this world. I have work or job that makes me useful to the companies I have been into for the past decade. I have been useful to my family that I was able to provide some financial assistance to them. I feel I am very useful to others since I have imparted them some of my knowledge when I was in my postgra…

Cold Mornings

And it feels like Christmas season. The cold mornings. The temperature is still dropping. In the news at the top of Mt Pulag it is a nearly freezing of zero degree Celsius. It must be really cold!

So what do I do in case of this winter-like cold mornings? Nothing but stay on the bed for some minutes more with hard blankets and lots of pillows. Single is blessedness? I guess not in these times of cold life.

And I am eagerly waiting for the summer. Waiting for the sun to heat up and getting ready for the crystal blue water of the beach. My hitlist for this year? Boracay. Pagudpud. Cebu. Etcetera.

But for now I will stay in the comfort of my friendly blanket.

Are You In My Directory?

I am puzzled last year when I have seen the directory in the hotel where I have stayed for the seminar. I thought paper directory has been gone a long time ago. Not yet to my surprise! Still the yellow pages lingers on. Classic paper versus online/mobile/e-book reading as we know it. And I think paper version is here to stay for the longer time. 
In other aspect of my life I have tried to save some of the close friends and acquaintances to my phonebook. Sometimes I have written their names and telephone numbers and address in the journal-like organizer. And yesterday I have called one of my co-worker back in our FF Cruz days in Batangas Port. My friend and former office mate Deo is now working in the FF Cruz construction project in North Harbor Manila. He is in-charge of the inventory and warehouse management of the on-going expansion and modernization of the said Harbor.
It was last year that I tried to call him via my sun cell ( thanks to sun indeed! that unlicall is heaven!) and ev…

Spicy Words

Literally translated into Filipino street words as " maanghang na salita" and that was what happened yesterday to two Philippine senators. Those supposedly role models of good governance and right values became like rude children lambasting each other and using the Senate floor as their battle ground. Oh my God what the heck is happening? We are paying them our hard earned money and converted to tax ( oh I remember my tax payables again!) just to stand up and air their not so professional sentiments on national media. And to recapitulate again I have below some of the excerpts from

Enrile: "Tungkol sa iyong yumaong ama. Nandito hanggang ngayon, 'di nabayaran utang niya na ginastos sa opisina namin na tinayo ko para may pakain sa pamilya niya, P37M." (About your late father. Here until now is his debt, what he spent in our office that I started to feed his family worth P37 million.)

Cayetano: "Nung siya’y tumakbong senador, he practically gave hi…

"High Blood"

Oh a precautionary words; this is not about stroke or hypertension but somehow related. I just want to share what I have read and shared late last year on my facebook. I was reading back then ( November maybe) when I bumped into one article in Philippine Daily Inquirer in the opinion page. It was the "High Blood" which literally the counterpart of the "Youngblood" article. As self-explanatory, Youngblood published the letters of sentiments and experiences of the youth generation mostly college and young professionals. I even collected them when I was in my college too. I always checked on PDI in the library if there is a featured article. "Sayang" was one of my favorite ( another story to tell). I even purchase three book collections of this Youngblood series. I loved it!

And now the HighBlood. It was basically written by those individuals old enough to be called as old and old enough to tell their oldies stories. And this one article which I will share …

Vacation Plan

As early as this January we are preparing and planning for the summer vacation of 2013! Together with my cousins Jepren ( the Attoryney) and JB ( the engineer) we plan to go to Boracay this coming March or April. And we have set it on Holy Week maybe to have a long vacation holidays in the sun of the world-famous Boracay island!

The meeting takes place in Starbucks ( as usual) and we have decided to use the 2Go ship-route from Batangas to Caticlan for less expense purposes as well as convenience on our part since the ship is docked and will begin its voyage from the port of Batangas City. We have called some of our cousins including Heidi, Elfie, Dro, Agnes among others. And the more we are to go, the merrier absolutely!

I am convincing also some of my friends, some of my long lost friends, to go with us. I have talked to an office-mate who has been to Bora twice and literally the island is a mess now unlike before. Though it is very beautiful, "commercialism" has invaded th…

Guerilla Media

I am still reading the conventional newspaper if I have the chance. I still buy Time magazine if there are special issues that interest me. I still watch the night time news program. Very conventional media. And then the advent of the new media. Facebook. Twitter. And tons of blogs. Never forget the old time newsletter subscription from Time and Newsweek. And the media is upon us. We are the media itself now.

When there are big issues and events locally and internationally just turn on your twitter account and you will be bombarded by news every seconds of the day. Turn to twitter of any breaking news of any major news network and you will get a blow by blow account of what is happening, for example the earthquake in Japan a couple of years ago. And you can re-post it or you can post it by yourself writing your own words carrying the same news idea. We are the media today.

When you want to bring the news to a more collaborative highly opinionated environment, sign in to Reddit. In it …

Choice And Consequence

The past weekends is a blast. I feel some sort of rejuvenation and should I say enthusiasm. Regaining myself once again in this world of chaotic routines. I stayed up late in bed last Saturday feeling the cold comfort of the morning with breeze coming out of nowhere that brings chill out to my bones. Thanks to the blanket I have in my bed. I have with me a temporary warmth feeling that day. I am trying to enjoy the weekends without the hurry routine of everyday work. I am trying to sleep continuously until my back ache that it is time to get up and greet the new day. A new day has come. I have to call my mother. She will be in Las Vegas soon. But for two days only. My mother is enjoying the American life as we know it but nonetheless want to come home and she misses the country very much.

And finally I get up that Saturday at almost noon time and try to think and go on with my life on a sunny yet windy weekend. Choice and consequence. First in my mind is the choice of getting up late…

Show Me The Picture And I Will Tell What I Have Remembered

They have said that a single picture could tell a thousand stories. Thousands of stories and one single story is real and true. So show me the photo and I will tell you what I have remembered. If not the truth at least close to it. At this very moment.

Wednesday. Thanks to the president that Malacanang had granted a holiday fiesta day for Batangas City. Never mind political differences. The first photo is the famous Calumpang River. The bridge is the one connecting Pallocan famously SM from the downtown. I have walked that Wednesday morning just to see the annual parade. I want to be child again. Another story. Every year when we are children a not so long ago, we always wanted and actually go to the city to witness the parade and other festivities the fiesta was bringing that time. We also had the time to go to our cousins in the city to eat what they have prepared. In short, it is always marked on our calendar and mind that comes January 16 we will always be on the street of Batang…

The New

Last Monday I've got my new desktop. As a policy every five years our computer will be replaced by a new one. And it was my turn this year. A newer and much advance computer for my work. For SAP and others. Coincidentally I have seen last Monday the new Korean expatriates which replaced the previous Koreans which basically have a three-year stay here in the Philippines. New faces. New challenges. Same management? I do not know. We will have to see. Giving the benefit of the doubt.

I am hoping that they could bring new lessons and challenges for us. Everyone is deliverer of good news. Of new knowledge. Everyone we meet is someone whom we could get some lessons of a lifetime. By simple talking with them we can easily grasp the agony and pain that they have been through and somehow we are relieved of what we are going through right now.

I do not know if I can still see the next new computer of mine. Meaning another five years? I am not saying that I do not like it in here. Actually …

Three Acts

I cannot post photo now. I have my new desktop computer and I have my google chrome and all of a sudden I cannot post photo or attach photo on my What's happening? I do not know. That's why I am asking.

And now it is working. And tomorrow is a holiday! How can it not be? How can a city fiesta cannot be a holiday? Damn that political parties. But now it is confirmed; a holiday tomorrow by virtue of Presidential Proclamation 536. Where's the PDF file? I will look for it now. And I cannot find it. Called some friends in the city to confirm the news.

Just yesterday while waiting for my new computer to be installed in my table, I have the chance to talk to some friends of mine. And Manolo is not yet confirming. Oh no..

Fear. Let's talk about fear. When the needle penetrated my skin a few days back, I guess I really never have fear. If it is for the sake of my health I will not fear fear. Even if it is blood. But it is not. Just confidential.

Amusement. I have …


Last night we had our dinner at Hot & Cold. Nevermind if I did not like the whole array of food or maybe I was looking for some vegetable but to no avail. Blame the place? I guess not since I do not have the control of the venue since I am just "riding it for free" as you know what I mean. So no more complains though I was so full or maybe I was craving for those sea foods in other restaurant. Well I will just wait for another diner maybe after a month or two. Thank you anyways to the persons who paid for our dinner last night.

I will not post the photo I have taken as my two office mates made an amazing pose alongside the very good actor Boyet de Leon. Instead I will focus on myself. I have noticed that I have this photo as solo as no one is besides me. Yes I am still single but it signifies something. That we can stand on our own. In our own decision. And on our own we take responsibility.

Let us give some example that we are indeed alone. At first when I was  born I a…

IV-A Get-Together 2012

I must put an explanation why I am using IV-A to refer to my class section in our senior year in our high school life. First, we belonged to the special science class so we were in IV-A to differentiate us from the other student of the school. Second, I am used to use  it but there were other batch who have became IV-A themselves. So when I refer to IV-A, it is our batch in 1995, a batch like no other. A class which are not tired of seeing each other every year without fail or missed. At first it was just gathering but with no particular date of the year. It could be a fiesta in one of my classmate. Or maybe a despidida of my classmate bound for US back then. And beginning in 2004, it was set to happen every after Christmas of each year. The timing is so perfect for our classmates who work abroad since it is in line with their vacation here. I still remember in 2004 when our classmate Oliver Catapang first proposed the yearly tradition to be held in Sawali Restaurant. So I have told …

Inay In The US

I really appreciate the phone unit my Kuya Arc had given to us a few years back. With just an internet connection we can call any land-line phone in the US for free. And during the first few years Inay and Ate Michele used to call as often as they wanted to be. And it really reconnect our world to my sister's place on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. It is a wonderful thing and amazing technology that made our life much easier and richer and more connected than ever. We tried sometimes the videoconferencing or video chat via facebook but Ate Michele does not have the privilege of time to engage in facebooking all the time. So we really rely on the good old phone with high tech connectivity.

As of now my mother is on her two-month-long stay in the States. Happy to say that she begins to adjust and enjoy the setting and lifestyle in the land of American Dreams. She no longer talk about some kind of homesickness syndrome but rather talk about the activities that she have in her …


And I am making my first blog entry for this year.  So much for the year that passed. In summary I can sum it up it one sentence; I have learned a lot.
And I will continue learning. I will continue to grasp the daily signs that show how truly lucky we are that we are still alive. How lucky we are eating and enjoying our day despite the many trials and challenges that we are going through our life everyday. So how about my plans or new year's resolution as they call it. I never make such plan since I do not believe in that gimmick. Or maybe some of my new year's resolutions before just failed before my eyes. I do not know. All I know is to make plan for this year on a large or bigger picture.

On Health - I will continue to go on diet but not limiting myself to indulge sometimes on my favorite foods. I will continue to exercise though seldom I have done a full routine of jogging these past few months.

On Career - I will continue to learn and grow myself through some of my resea…