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Rome wasn't built in a day. So as the French Revolution. There is no short-cut to success. You will have to do it the hard way. The classic way! I have seen some managers from my former employer in the construction industry and I think they are one of the best managers I have been with in my entire work experience. They can decide with such ease and elegance some sensitive and threatening situations. I admired them for that.

I want to give credit to DSJ, my former boss and he introduced me to the classic adage that "the boss is always right..because he is the boss..". I liked his management style as well as his people-handling skills though at first it was so irritating but eventually I have got his points.

And now I am on a crossroads. I have to make some decisions. Some life-changing decisions that will make a very important impact on my present and future condition. Yes I am taking one step closer to what I want now. And the universe is somehow conspiring to achieve …

Yesterday And We Almost Finished The Counting

I may not be in good health now. I should take that paracetamol. Our inventory counting is almost finished. It is my 8th year of counting these spare parts to ensure the inventory accuracy. And now to determine also the obsolescence of a given material. It is my 8th year of that periodic counting! Wow! Eight years of hell of a ride! We've been through thick and thin in material management and we have managed to survive. We have survive those audits, those manager, those other issues that mainly concerned the improvement of the flow of materials for the sole purpose of the smooth operation of the power plant.

And I think we have succeeded! And if ever I will be transferred to other organization I can say we have made those changes and we are proud of it! I also learned a lot from that experience of managing material and inventory parts of the plant. I have learned to make meaningful reports, to make those data mining and to make a very good judgment whenever needed. I have learned…

Shame On You

( from - so that I will not be sued for using unauthorized photo)

A graduate student from UP Diliman? Are you kidding me? for the sake of money? He believed he can get away from it. He thought that because he is from the premier university no one will question his credibility? In this age of no privacy everything is subject to scrutiny. And I guess he is a no brainy at all. He has this confidence so high he overlooked that someone out there is watching. Everyone is watching. Our very own moves every seconds of everything we post on the internet.

Shame on you but that will pass too. Just do not do it again. I know that he has this photo ability but please do not steal from others in case you have the face to join another photo contest. I bet you will never again!

Losers And Gainers

(photos courtesy of google image)

This is not about innocence. I have remembered that movie ( in which I have forgot the title) that the first victim of war is innocence. Is true? I do not know. This is not about the Philippine Stock Exchange in which some of my neophyte office-mates gamble it all because of their risky attitude and lose some of the money from the fluctuating market. I thought they are all intelligent. I guess I am wrong. This is all about going abroad. Not about going there as tourist but as a worker. Not necessarily an expatriate status. Just a plain worker.

First gainer. The economy. The Philippines may not rise as one of the fastest growing economy in Asia if not for the remittances of our OFW's. We will never have such dollar reserve if no Filipinos are abroad to have their talents being used by others for such a dollar fee. Think of any professional and for sure there is someone out there somewhere in the Middle East, in down under in Australia or in The co…

Sold: Everything Is For Sale

Yes everything you can think of and anything you can imagine is for sale. With a price tag. Even your principles! Your ideologies. May it be for financial gain or for some interest to be protected, everything we can have is for sale. Everything is up for the highest bidder.

Last week an incident occur to my consciousness though I am not much interested at first but when I have
talked to some people involved in the case, I am somehow moved by their testimonials. I got curious on how one man has been the root cause of it all. The "root-cause" is somehow a notorious man in our watch list since he has this attitude of being the jack of all trade in order get things done. He uses his skills of negotiation as well as connections to iron out something. He even influenced some people to favor for him to get those things he needed most. He is so notorious we called them "Ochoa".

And for his latest "victims" are those innocent and not-so-informed group of people w…

Just Like The Pouring Rain

Beginning this Friday the typhoon Odette has never stopped raining. The rain is pouring like a dam is being break in heaven and all its fury and rage has been pour into earth. Some of my schedules are cancelled. And some of the unexpected things has happened. For a reason, for a very good reason. Thanks God for that.

Nothing can stopped me to stop by at Wanam and eat that lomi. No amount of rain and wind can block me from getting that delicious noodles which can be more delicious in this time of rain. The cold weather adds to the ambiance in which I have tastefully eat that dish. Guess what the secret of Wanam in their pansit and other noodle menu? Yes! that unique taste that somehow keep us coming back to the one of the oldest food establishment in Batangas City; San Wanam Restaurant. My grandfather Lolo Severino used to eat in that food chain. Imagine that! In the 1960's the food place legend has been around and have made some trademark and noise that even our generation today …

Long Reading, Long Writing, Full Conversation

Oh I forgot it is a windy day. The storm Odette is wrecking literally the northern part of the Philippines. Hoping that we are safe always. God bless us! God bless the Philippines! I do not know if the coastal clean-up has pushed through. As of now I am listening to the new album of Linkin Park. I have missed them.

After almost two hours of sleep maybe around 9 this morning I have woke up with much livelier self. I guess I really need more rest. More relaxing moments. Stressful at work? Not really. As a matter of fact it is all in my mind maybe. But I will try to forget it. But what I do not want to forget is what happened yesterday. A day of pure incident? coincidences? I don't know.

On the sidelights my mind or our minds were somehow tricked again by the two individuals who took every chance to do their things. Well for the benefit of the doubt, we really doubt even up to now. Maybe we should put them as friends on social media? Nice idea but definitely it will not work out.


Better Be Alone Than Sorry

Not the usual scenario..for several years I am attending that occasion but last night I have missed it..I have missed it intentionally..I do not want those circus of idiots..circus of ineffective! bunch of non-sense! bunch of people who acted not like human..magbababoy! nambababoy! short..EVIL! God bless them..

Some truths are stranger than fiction.

1. Petitioned to be taken out - siya pa ang nakakuha ng prize!

2. Called for a prize - pero binawi kasi dapat hindi bakit tinawag pa? obviously tanga yung nag-include ng name ng pobreng mama..umasa na kanya na ang prize eh hindi pala..

3. Those two up there are acting as if tinotopak lagi..hopefully they can be flushed out here..some are planning about it..

Anyways I just soaked myself in rain and coffee last night..better be alone than sorry!

P.S. - that chicken with kabute ( photo below) one of the despidida meal for Japs - maybe next week he will be in Qatar! Goodluck! Buti pa siya makakaalis na!

P.S. - ah that sad state…

I Need Some Retreat

This morning I have talked to one of my friend Christian, an HR officer. I have aired some of my concerns
and issues that seems to baffle me for quite some time now. I have let some opportunities to let me pass by. And I could have done something but in the end I choose not to. I choose not to because I guess it is the right thing to do.

And I need some days off. I am planning of a retreat to Tagaytay maybe beginning tomorrow. Or maybe this weekends. I have talked to one of my colleague here too and we have discussed some "decisions issue" and it is good to know that there are someone whom I can rely in this kind of times.

These past few weeks and months got me into something in which some major decisions have to be decided to improve my current situation. However in the end I think I have chosen what is really best for me.

Just wait for that right time. Patience is a virtue. And for now I just want to share some articles I have seen on

Making big decisionsits not…

"I Want To Fire Him"

I do not want to start my day as bad as it is. Yesterday I had this encounter with the devil. The ineffective devil. The wrong man being there. And act so naive to his mistakes. Everyone shouted at him. Disrespect him. Until I got my chance yesterday.

A non-sense task and eventually it ended that I was the one who gave him advice to do much better for the section. Imagine that! Nakakatawa na lang..nakakatawa and ironically I have no choice but to accept that some people are so naive. And should be fired!

And as I have heard someone has aired his concern to fire him. I hope it could push through. I hope.

Before I Go Home

Such a rushing night..after Rigg's I have to go home..and this store got this..isaw and midnight..once in awhile I tried this food..not so often since I was afraid of some disease allegedly associated with this after eating for quite some time..long period of time frequently..

Chillin' Tuesday!

With those beers..pulutan..kwentuhan..kantahan..Tuesday night to Rigg's Cafe..

Thanks For The Pasalubong

My friend and classmate Blas has just arrived from Singapore..official business trip..he had also that drinking session with Arvic, another high school classmate of ours..and wow thanks Blas really for those coffee that you gave me..

Badly Written? I Will Correct It

This is not about the movie itself. This is my reaction upon watching it and applying it on my own. Thanks to Director Joey Reyes for this masterpiece that I have questioned also myself my current status of mind. My current job satisfaction. My life satisfaction as a whole.

Unfair. Very unfair but we accepted it. Some illogical person. Some unfit persons occupying some positions. God knows who are they. God knows they do not deserved to be there. And they are very ineffective. And the whole people here laughed at them hahahaha! A circus of idiots!

I hope I could get out of here. And laugh about my experiences in here. I hope in other place I will not encounter some people na sobrang arte muka na ngang very conscious with his skin that he is like a girl wearing that fun-looking unbrella just to hide his skin. Ano ba siya bakla nga? eh ang balita ko he has a mistress in! astig mo pre hahaha!!

I want to change my environment. I hope it could be sooner! God help me!

What's On My List?

And I have been thinking this a long time ago. A post about some list. My bucket list? My wish list?

1. Paris - I really want to see and enjoy and feel Paris for some days or even weeks, months..

2. Czech Republic  - for some personal reason which I cannot really understand I just want to go into this country.

3. Sometimes I want to be an assassin..really no joke!

4. Harvard - if I cannot go to Harvard to study I just want to see it..

5. I want to work in a tunnel-construction project

6. I want to be a lawyer

7. and the list goes on..but for now thanks that I still have my sanity and my faith!


In my several years of staying in this power plant I have observed some pattern. I have observed some truth about people. About behavior. Measurable. Everything is to be measured. The system in the process in the power plant itself must be measured. Thanks God for the instruments that indicate its frequency or whatever data that it wants to indicate. And it takes a good reader ( technician) to interpret those data and find the right action for every numbers that the gauge is giving them.

But in case of people there is human to interpret it. Be it for the rules or against the rules they are the one being followed. They made decisions based on their perceptions. Even the perceptions are so blurred. So irrational they have choose that decisions. And we all laughed about it!!

In this organization where everything is recorded and being transmitted in the speed of light no one is exceptional. You will be scrutinize even your way of dressing and walking. They have all the eyes and ears for …

Walk. Knock. See

Recently some changes are visible..most of the times  I have to decide based on pragmatic consequences..on quantifiable variables..and on basic outweigh all other factors..please give me the enlightenment..and the luck to have it!

Chillin' Saturday

If you want a more "intimate" place to chill out and listen to just music or watch TV then you must come to Vivo..just in front of Days Hotel and you will be relaxed while drinking a beer and eating your dishes..and non-stop conversation with your alternative to Starbucks indeed!

Happy Birthday Arvin

Last Saturday at Pizza Hut..with my kuya and Inay and others..

Buffet Lunch

The newest eat-all-you-can in Batangas City!! at Ginazel Hotel and Restaurant just besides Ponte Fino Hotel..Php 399/per person..and it opened only this month of all your stomach full with this treat!