Sunday, September 30, 2012

Light Moments

In between work and home we find some light moments talking with our friends. We find ourselves telling stories and listening to their stories too. A real connection in real time as compared to online social media. If there are times I have this conversations with my childhood friends ( neighbor actually). It is really a warm moments talking to them like with Ipe, Leslie and RK ( in Dubai now). With Ipe we oftentimes talk everything under the sun. We start with our own work related experiences then go down with some silly things then some weird stuffs. He is very idealist yet so down to earth. He works hard and he is very open to all the changes and opportunities abound since he is still in his 20's. With Leslie I seldom have some conversation with him. A matter of hi's and hello's but if there are those rare cases we usually ends up reminiscing our childhood lives living together in this neighborhood, LMI. And for RK, he oftentimes starts the conversation with some "fights" in his life whether it is real fight or some struggles he is into now. I missed them sometimes.

I literally have to go "overseas" just to have some "talks" with one of my bestfriends and cousin, Alvin. He is living in Puerto Galera in Mindoro so I have to ride a motorized banca just to get there. Maybe twice a year I pay him a visit. As usual he always tour me in those different spots in Galera, some hideaways also away from the usual tourist spots. We sometimes ends up in the beach just some meters away from their home. We talk about everything from nonsense to serious ones. And most likely we ends up with some San Mig lights somewhere along the bars in Galera.

With Nitoy, another bestfriend of mine, conversation is just like drinking coffee, the better it goes when the cups are coming. He is one of my coffee buddy, bloggers buddy, a bestfriend, someone whom I can talk with some of my ideas and anything which just popped out of my mind.

I also fond of listening to my classmate and friend Edison about his adventure in his job in a financing company. Just last week he was in Occidental Mindoro and got stranded in Calanpan because of the turbulent sea to Batangas City. He really enjoys sharing what seems to be routine life but along those tidbits of information comes some big lessons that we can learn.

Still there are many light moment with my closest friends and I really take some time off just to listen and share also my life. Our life. Shared life.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Strategic Pictures

This day we have no formal class in strategic management..though our professor was there he just review us about what we have taken and what will be our finals exam come some idle time we have decided to take some class pictures..I will miss my classes when I have graduated this semester..and to remind me of them this article is for them..though I believed that this last semester for me was the hardest of them all because of many final projects ( usually research which is some sort of a paper/thesis proposal) I really enjoyed this last semester in UB..the frienships..bondings..and everything in between..


Last night I have treated my nephew Limuel for a dinner..and we have chosen Inengs BBQ in the city..I ordered fresh lumpia only for myself and the rest were for him. But to my surprise he did not ate that much so we have no choice that I should eat those food. And no more diet again..and luckily to my surprised again my blood pressure was stabilizing..and I am feeling this "changes" within my body..getting older? maybe..getting adjusted? hope so..most of the times we fear old aging..but it is the natural way of moving on..of going through this life..let's old gracefully!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Delightful Afternoon

Those are the times that we needed ourselves..we had dined though not so elegant but definitely memorable..A time for some not so serious matters..some nonsense matters about the others..with a bottle of beer..the famous lomi on our it it full..thank you time..thank you chances..thank you foods..thanks for that precious moments..


Life as we know it will end definitely. Once we are alive will no longer be. We are finite as the universe collides and conspire to end our existence. Maybe now. Hopefully sooner. God bless us and let us spend the rest of our life as it should be. As humane as we should be. As caring as we ought to be. As loving as we intend to be..


Mujay..with his cap..

Dada..with her shades..

and me..with my face..hahahhaa!!

Andrei's New Toy

If Limuel has the new Nike Hyperfuse, Andrei has its new toy..a bitbox..I said to Andrei when we look for it in the mall that maybe his dad can do it for him..but it is not an ordinary has wirings on the inside for superior sound they purchased it from Lyric, a music instrument shop in SM..
and when you go onto their place I am sometimes greeted by familiar sound..beatings on the bitbox!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


CCTV..checked..Authorized personnel only..checked..No Reservation..No Issuance..checked..Our policy is stricter than ever..we even have to think twice when our VP/Plant manager has to allowed to go inside the warehouse ( we have remember what our manager have said; maybe the VP or GM can only be allowed to go the warehouse - the sign tells absolutely that only MC personnel can go inside)..

There are also cases of some RD ( requesting department) that they will blame us ( as if we are the reasons for the shutdown) if we cannot give them the materials without any documents ( on emergency cases)..we reiterate that absolutely no document no issuance policy..we observe our rule then everybody should matter what..or else manager should talk to our manager..

Clearing My Vision

If the company has its MVV ( mission, vision, values) I should have too. Mission. Vison. Values. And they will guide my actions from starting now.

Mission: To live happily by satisfying my needs and wants and also by performing my obligations as member of the society.

Vision: To contribute goodness to society as a whole.

Values: Integrity, Respect and Cooperation.

Sounds like grand vision for myself? It should be. Guiding principles anchored by the belief and faith in God.

Hope to fulfill my MVV.

Country Shirt

I was looking for a shirt last night when all of a sudden I have noticed this dark blue hanging on with my other shirts. I guess it was not mine. On the second look it has this " Australia" and Analee comes to mind. She is here as I remember she arrived ( with her husband) two weeks ago for a vacation. And no doubt it is from second shirt from her..

Last night also I have seen this and Cindy gave it to me when she went to Hongkong with her mother and her bestfriend. I never bother to wear those shirts..maybe one of these days..Thanks a lot for the gifts..and oh I forgot I have also shirt from Singapore and Canada from my other friends..


I was in the Mall of Asia last nephew Limuel is keep on texting me since they were in Los Banos that time. He was asking me about the Nike store in Paseo De Sta Rosa. So I've got him the direction and in an instant they were there..And they bought this Nike Hyperfuse - a basketball of the popular product line from Nike with commercial endorsement from NBA superstars like Rajon Rondo and others. I was also in Nike store in MOA at that time and I was looking for its Hyperdunk..maybe I should buy a new shoes to inspire to jog and run more..maybe Nike or please..My friend Blas aka Titanium Runner uses Reebok ( I think he is an endorser and he is being sponsored by Reebok in his every marathon)..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


And my Tito succumb to his ailments yesterday. Diabetes takes control and he died yesterday..our prayers and may your soul rest in peace..goodbye Tyo Paquito..

Reading Patricia

This is not only about reading my favorite media practitioner. This is not only about narrating injustices. This is the real life. Just look around. Just listen a little bit attentive in the mouths of the others you will find out their sentiments. Sentiments about doubts. Sentiments about unfairness. Sentiments about the system. Nuisance. I call all of them not nuisance since it will follow a feedback that resonates the whole scenario. The scenes cannot be changed. The seed must be planted now. What has happened are just a normal manipulations of the high degree. To get what they want. Even if breaking the very firm foundation of the law that they have created. Nevermind the others as if the others do not follow the trails. Nevermind the mockery. Nevermind the rotten individual who should go by now or else he will be expelled.

I have said too much. Now it is your turn.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Untold Stories

And this blog is all about stories. Real stories. Untold stories. Until now. I have posted this photo on my facebook account and Glenn responded. He mistakenly identified it as one of the areas where we used to work. But it was not the Batangas Port. Resemblance only. There were so many stories that surrounded my almost five years of working at that port. Some stories that needed to be told not as to blame or expose someone but to just remind us that life is indeed an array of different colors to live in.

There were stories of greatness. Let's start with the story of "Apo". He was called by that name for unknown reasons. And I had the chance to meet him. A not so tall man with the aura of an experienced worker. And he was the foreman-manager of a certain area in the construction of pier. It was his expertise. He was not an engineer but because of his natural talent he worked like an engineer and he was very famous in bringing in results with so many savings for the company. He was the Apo, the legend and I guess he is still in FF Cruz.

There were stories of shame. A few days back I have attended a seminar in Manila. And the speaker talked about last Friday ( September 21) in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in our country, he cited some stories of how the late President Marcos execute the law under his mighty hand. He said that there were instances of all-out-war in Mindanao and if it will mean a collateral damage to all then so be it. A tooth for a tooth. And our speaker narrated also that he liked the first three years of Martial law that our country for the first time really achieve the so-called economic progress. But the law was abused and many suffered under the Marcos' regime. I have remembered also when I was still processing release papers in the Bureau of Customs years ago. It was a shame that I have to "lagay" to those clerk in so many tables before I have finished the processing. And the shameful of all was the head of the Exemption Division who happened to be from Batangas also during that time and she was so greed. And as far as I know she was relieved and got fired from the Bureau.

There were also story of hopes. Way back in 2005 when I was still in the construction industry, there were times that I have to ride  a barge to inspect the quarry site in Bansud, Mindoro. And it was my very first time to go aboard an old barge owned by the company. I have heard stories from the barge crews how they spent their lives away from their family even in Christmas and New Year. There were times that the boat nearly sunk and they were almost killed but still hopes floated and they were alive. There was also the story of a drug addict before then being transformed by a famous religion ( Iglesia Ni Cristo to be exact). He was guided and converted to the INC by that time and got married and he was abroad now.

Still there are so many untold stories to be included here. Maybe if  I could remember them well I can have a continued version of this post.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Time Keeper

I have heard last week that Mitch Albom has a new book. Wow! Tuesday With Morrie will have a comeback! And when I've got myself to a bookstore in Mall Of Asia ( Fullybooked or Powerbooks) I have asked for the copy. Unfortunately it was sold-out or out of stock. Fortunately there are many copies in National Bookstore SM Batangas branch. Unfortunately I have no money to buy it or thinking twice if I will buy it. So I check online articles about the new book. And these are some of them.

"Told in Albom’s signature spare, evocative prose, this moving tale will inspire 
readers everywhere to reconsider their own notions of time, how  they spend it and 
how  precious it truly is."

No doubt Mitch Albom is a busy guy. The beloved author of “Tuesdays With Morrie” is also a Detroit-based columnist, radio host, playwright, songwriter and philanthropist. A schedule like that would make anyone think hard about the limits of time.
His new novel, “The Time Keeper,” is a fable about Dor, the inventor of the first clock.One of God’s helpers sentences Dor to 6,000 years of solitary confinement in a cave as a punishment for measuring time. (Fellow cubicle-workers: We’re doomed.) The Tower of Babel is also mixed up in this story, which, unfortunately, lacks the pathos and brevity of such tales as Aesop’s “The Ant and the Grasshopper.” At 224 pages, it’s about 180 too long for its plot. -
I think I will buy it this week or maybe delay a little bit later to finish some projects in my schedules.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Food Trip ( again and again)

In the past few days my stomach got its job once digest those foods..Sometimes I have to satisfy my cravings..our only cravings?


It's been quite a while that I haven't seen and read the Bible. I even not attended the regular Sunday Mass. But my faith is intact. I love God. I pray. I help people.

I thought the Yellow Pages has been gone forever. My own copy is I guess a decade ago. Until I found these two. There are some glossy pages. Still the best guide to outside world? I don't think so. Online world is taking its place. I am really glad to see this useful book. Though I will not use it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Black And White

Life is not a black and white nor a blank slate. We have to color it. Everyday is a new canvass to fill up with different colors. Different stories. Never ending struggles.

Going Up The Ladder

I am on my age where I can be anything. And thanks God I have achieved some of my dreams. I have gone far and I felt so good about it. An...