Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Everything has its own reason. Even liars too. Lies too have reasons. To not tell the truth.

With some observation and careful analysis I have come to conclusion that it is just a matter of game for them. The game of cat and mouse. Tom and Jerry. Oh I have remember the tandem again. Fuck them!

Sometimes I need some punching bags. Must be the two of them. Or just enough of their sacrifices within themselves that they have give up the mortal friendships just to feed their ego. Egoistic bastard! Karma should follow soon!

Rage now? No I am not. I am so calm. That's the effect of having years and years of mingling with idiots and morons and devils and demons called them.

Are you not one of them? if not then you are kidding right?

This is just a test. A mind-reading. Someone is trying to get into my head. Not quite sure of his motives. Unnecessary doings. A trifle. A minute effect. To be neglected.

On Being Social

All are in facebook. You can see all. Almost all. Angry status message. Photo of everything mostly food. Relationships of some kind. Rude. Innocent. Diverse. The many face of facebook.

And I am falling on the trap. But not quite.

I have seen some people deleting people. Un-friending is so easy in the platform. One click away. In real life is much the same. Just neglect them and that's it. They are not as real as we see them to be.

I was kick-out of facebook once. Some "good friends" blocked me out. So what? Now I have seen them. At least now not later.

I got my rage on the social network too. I shout. I got angry. I name names. So what? my right. My definition of freedom.

Some stalk on facebook. Liars. Husbands and wives doing illicit affairs are caught on facebook. So naively not cautious. Or pure ignorance. Or just dumb.

Others still have no account on facebook. Hiding from someone? from something or just too lazy to type some verification codes. None of the above. They just don't want facebook. Period.

To Clear My Mind

A stranger. I am the stranger. Sometimes I have to be in far away place to clear my mind..a new way of seeing and hearing the routines..the wind just blew my eyes and my mind..refreshed..and mostly tired..to be able to heal..to feel the body ached and rest and sleep all night long..to uncluttered the mind..to wake up with everything is NEW..have you done this before? I hope so..

"Just Give Me A Reason" To Buy Pink..And I Did!

I am a self-confessed Pink's fan..and their latest single "Just give me a reason" is enjoying the Number 1 spot on the Billboard chart..the only one with voice that transcends music genre..a little of pop and rock but with lots of angst..

Monday, April 29, 2013

Wrapped In A Mystery

No need for that foil..want your food to stay fresh? just use this banana leaf..got surprised yesterday when almost all of the food being served are wrapped in this fresh dahon ng saging..keep the food warm and delicious-smelling..and very affordable too..( Nid's Binalot - SM City Lucena)

Plunge In!

 Last weekend at the Valentino Resort in San Jose..last week my cousin Heidi called us to go for a swim..so I hurriedly tell my nephews to get up that Wednesday night..unfortunately it was cancelled off. And so last Saturday we went to go for a plunge..

labas ang tyan mo Dey!!

 relax mode pag may time..

And we had our late dinner at Algoto King in Balagtas..Batangas goto version..

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's The Difference?

For comparison purposes let us first the similarities of the kids/youth of older and younger generations:

1. both generations have inclinations to music. grunge before emo at present.
2. both are confronted by the same social issues - poverty, natural disasters etc
3. both have generation gap with parents - a fix/constant denominator
4. both are on the verge of communication revolution - before was the pager now is the cellphone

So upon simple analysis all I can say is that the two generations are but the same; just differ in the TOOLS that they make to escape the boring REALITY! make sense? I hope so.Oh a simple reminder just don't compare our generation to a distant one say twenty years of gap..that's where the difference lies..

By the way I want some reviews fro Ironman 3 before I watch it please..

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Black And White

I see no color but black and white..It should have been colored as it always be..DIFFERENT COLORS, DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE..no agreement agreed..life indeed is colorful..Why not focus on something everyone can enjoy? why not focus on something essential for all of us? it will not happen as long as the prism breaks the world into different colors..get what I mean? I mean it.

Sports-Fest Are Made Of These

Despite the heat..but thanks to our location ( sea breeze gently cooled us down)...despite the time constraints.. we had some FUN! I tried on dart and I should have tried it a long time ago..hit it!
Events like this did not only focus on the sports itself. It had add-ons. I have two ( for personal reasons I cannot divulge it)..meeting new friends and building camaraderie .and of course be excited once in awhile once our team hit another championship game!

Thanks to Mr Seo and Ma'am Leah and Zandro our green team made it to the table tennis first prize ( champion yahoo!!) Another one was the volleyball..and unfortunately lose to White ( in basketball) because of the TURNING POINTS ( say it three points! ) from Rico..well as they say the BALL IS ROUND! you can never tell what will happens next! ( akalain mo yun na-shoot ni rico sa di mo inaasahang panahon hahhaha)..

And looking forward for another sportsfest next time..and by the way thanks also to our Korean expats who exhibited their sporting prowess especially in table tennis..and they made this exhibition game called Joku or Zoku ( whatever!)..

Monday, April 22, 2013

"Make Today Special"

I borrowed the tagline from Krispy Kreme. I have claimed yesterday my prize because I have won on their contest. We were at Festival Mall last week with my cousins. We have joined their "look for Mickey contest" and luckily we were raffled and won the one dozen donuts.

Sometimes such prize really amaze us and surprise us with such enormous joy and happiness. I know I could buy such dozen but it was really that feeling of different joy because you've got it as a reward or as a prize. Just like in life we tend to work hard for something and sometimes or most of the times the return are far and more than we have imagined to have. Life indeed is awesome!

Before I go home I ate  dinner at Rack's. Such a great-tasting ribs and sauce and salad and everything. Added by such dessert? It was WOW!

And I went home with my niece and nephews waiting for their bunch of dozen donuts. In the bus I have seen and actually shook hands with one of my friend/co-worker in my previous company. It was Mang Larry. After for more than five years of not seeing him I almost forgot his face. But when he smiled and offered his hand I knew him. Make today special sometimes caught us unaware of who's who we can meet. And that makes it special.

Last Friday we were at the Bistro in Libjo and had this wonderful lomi with "pupur" a raw chicharon to delight my noodles.

Last Saturday in the newly opened Famous Belgian Waffles. I though that waffles are with hotdogs only hahahaha!!

for my pamangkins last Saturday but they were not at home so I just eat them all..dinner and breakfast free hahahha!!

Bryan offered me this alternative medicine and I tested some tablets. It felt great!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I have woke up with my AM radio on all night. All the news pertains to the recent Boston Marathon Explosions. Not only once but twice. And the third one exploded somewhere in JFK Library. Is this the beginning? God helps us.

Run to facebook and turn to my newspage lists. All are about the Boston bombings. With raw video of course. In this age of social media almost everything are seen or caught up by video. A well-informed citizens are a better decision maker in this times of crisis.

Korean peninsula is on the verge of "war". No diplomatic channels are working. They do not want to talk. Nokor jus want to bomb anyone who will stand along their way of nuclear supremacy. Doomsday? God helps us!

Monday, April 15, 2013

9 Shades Of Me

Happy Go Lucky Me..

Waiting- for- you shade of me

"I will carry you shades of me"

The thoughtful side of me..

 Getting ready mode of me..

The relax nature of me..

The adventurous self of me..

Shock and awe part of me..

Not so funny side of me..

Going Up The Ladder

I am on my age where I can be anything. And thanks God I have achieved some of my dreams. I have gone far and I felt so good about it. An...