Saturday, August 20, 2016

What About Last Night?

The best or worst for the records! And I did it for no reasons at all. I was lied about. It was not solo but group and so be it.

Then almost midnight the desert..something nervous had not come and I did it!

And I slept. Thanks God for the last night. It will never happen again.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Last Night

I was watching Youtube at around 6 pm yesterday when my Lebanese friend chatted me on Tango. He was a businessman here in this country and he was engaged in contracting doors and steel and glass. His latest project which was about to complete was the Red Lobster and Longhorn in Dammam near Shatea Mall.

And so we went there. I loved his management skill as well as his business knowledge in managing his own business. I hope I could have business of my own in teh future.

I was amazed by the elegant design of the two American restaurants. Maybe I could have dinner there when my salary come this end of the month.

So that's it for now and have a nice weekends Dammam!

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Lately I am beginning to learn to grow old as alone. Lately I am beginning to understand that life no matter what will go on and o and on.

Lately I realized that I am the one really in charge of my own happiness and no one will. So I am choosing to be happy everytime.

Lately I am beginning to live the life I wanted to be.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Getting Boring By The Days

Where all of my excitement go? Where all of the fear and happiness now? I do not know. What I know now is I think I am on my deepest setbacks. Or am I? Is this the midlife crisis? I hope not.

Last week I was in Rabigh to teach and demonstrate some of the basic documentation process that we have done in QIPP but to my surprise I was the one being surprised because it only took about four hours of lecturing and much like of an interview of my mission there. I just contemplated on the hotel of what is happening to my life now.

I need a change of place again. New work? I am on the process of applying to other companies that might give me meaning and much more salaries. Am I hungry for power and money and fame? I really do not know. Midlife crisis maybe.

Or should I marry the one? Or should I be forever as single as I am today. I am afraid of my future now.

I hope God is near me. Please.

New Beginning

Sometimes I want to be alone..then go offline.. In the beach..with no one.. and stay there as long as I want.. escaping reality? no. ...