Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodluck Sir!

"Till we see each other again...I will try to contact you via email.."
Those were the thoughts that he said and stayed on my mind upon having a goodbye handshake to the man we called "Dos".He was the second highest in the plant. It was his last day in our plant today. I remember just a few minutes before our 1:30 PM exit from the  office ( adjusted due to Ramadan) he shook hands with almost every person in the hallways. And yes not everyone knows that he has just resigned a month earlier and this day is his last day in Qurayyah. And I have known it three weeks ago when a reliable personnel handed me some documents about it. And so when I was about to enter my room he called me and said that it is his last day today. I naively asked "where are you going" and he replied, "I will go back to India".

In a brief span of time that I was working with him (started in March) I have learned some great things that somehow a common sense but he amplified it. We were working in the "punchlist items" and almost everyday we have our exchange of emails and files. We also started the "commissioning observations" and I found in him a great leader to aspire of. He taught me how to do such "hard works" in a very easy way. Smart work indeed. He also taught me to use the power of human communication rather than rely on just email or correspondence. A human interaction will give you the things that you wanted from another person. That is a common idea but he showed me how it works. And it worked all the time.

Honestly I really don't know and we did not investigate why all of a sudden he will go and return to his home. We just respect the decision and surely he is a loss to the company. And most of my office-mates just knew only today because he wore an ordinary shirt that it was his last day at the plant.

Again goodluck sir. Goodluck Mr VJ. And thank you.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Elegant And Sexy!

At first I thought it was  a "throwback Thursday or Friday" on Facebook when I see some of my friends and colleagues in Keilco wearing those elegant and sexy formal dress - and they were heading for a party. I thought it was a late upload of certain party like Christmas or Foundation day of the company..but then again I was lost..Talits, Jaybee, and others are wearing those formal suits ( which I think well-suited to them - bagay na bagay and they deserved our admiration once in awhile hahaha!)..and they were heading to Shangrila Hotel - kept me thinking upon scrolling on Facebook that when we left the firm that they have this kind of partying? so I chatted with Ka Orly and he just said almost everyone are preparing for the big night! And wow that's it..they are attending a party of celebration for the company for another milestone! if I am not mistaken it is about finance and I have remembered that in my seven years I have my little contribution by preparing those monthly and quarterly reports (inventory and assets side) to be submitted to our head office to become part of the lender's report..remember that Zandro hahahaha ( in which we were so baffled by HGPP though they were so few in compare to our spare parts!) that we "stretched" our minds and skills just to understand the logic of doing the reports and I am wondering if after this should the company still make those reports? I don't know since I am not part of the company anymore..

And back to the party - I am glad to see again my beautiful office-mates with their dazzling dress..and so are the boys! I missed that company somehow..

Friday and loving it! (wash day and skype day!)

Thanks to our reliable washing machine that even the week-long clothes is just a click away - though I do not used the dryer ( hindi sanay hahahah and the sun is so abundance in here)..after my washing weekly schedule I decided to try this HP wireless speaker and I found this little notes of terms and conditions and whatever instructions and legal articles in it..remind me of my graduate school classmate who's pursuing now of a law degree and she's loving it! Then I have to reconnect again to my family back in the Philippines via skype and mobile call - thanks to a cheap recharged card from STC and our internet connection is not annoying so I have time to connect with my family back home..and lastly I am contemplating on buying a new gadget for myself since my galaxy win is in the Philippines now for my nephew Erickson..I guess I need a new Samsung S5 or LG G3 or Iphone 5s or Xperia Z2..or I will just settle for Nokia - with their latest of course since I am loyal Nokia user (though they are owned by Microsoft now)..

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Decades ago I was truly amazed by those people in my barangay who had these package from Saudi since they had father or brother working in the Middle East. Sometimes they even had pasalubong for us like soap or dates or anything that somehow "imported" and genuinely from Saudi. A few years back also my Ate Michele (living in US) had those packages for us mostly in December that contained some of the things for us like vitamins, milk, coffee etc, etc.

And now it is my turn to have those package to be delivered to my loved ones in the Philippines. Though these items are so few compared to the usual OFW package ( makikipadala lang kay Ayie bukas ) I am very happy to send those requested items for Ate Arlyn, Inay, Kuya and my pamangkins. I promised I will make it little more than that the second time I send some package or maybe when I personally have my yearly vacation in November or December. Besides Ayie have so many things to be packaged in his checked-in baggage for his family too..

Food Central

- A Squid Friday - name it..canned squid in brine..tuyong pusit..squid balls..fresh squid na lang ang kulang hahaha!! and that is reserved when I come home in the Philippines..

- fish crackers and chicharon! with vinegar..minus the baboy ingredients of course!

- pansit and burgers at the Rashid Mall - some of those "eating moments" after a tired window shopping hahaha!

the photo above is called "dosa" if I am not mistaken - a typical Indian food snack..and the photos below are the "warah" some sort of indian donut with such sauce of course..tasting some new dishes here in Dammam is one of our little project to fully enjoy our stay here in time we will try those other menu from India and Pakistan..hope we do not have stomachache afterwards.. hehehe..

Friday, June 20, 2014 way you will read this!

Picture an old house..with electricity of course..dark is almost there..6 PM maybe..wind chimes.. after get to your veranda upstairs..old age? forget that part..

You suddenly want to hear some music..not noise but music..Ipad? Ipod? Nope..stereosound? maybe but not that loud..then you have remembered you have just purchased this vinyl player..with old records let's say album from the 80's or 90's..and you play some music..long playing as they say..

and you fall asleep..

...that's what I want now..

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