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I am here in the Kingdom for almost two years and part of the day to day routine is of course working in the office and staying here in my house. And during those times thanks to a fast internet connection. Thanks to Facebook and other sites that make my life easier and enjoyable.

In Facebook I could browse and see whatever new news and latest reports around the globe. I can also see and watch video of the latest evening replay of my favorite newcasts. And yes I could see some photos uploaded by my friends. I can know that my friends and friends of friends got married. I can see also their activities that usually the basic eating and outing and posted those pictures for the world to see. And vice versa I am doing the same.

I can know who's house has been renovated or got some new house at a very classy subdivision. I can know now who got a new car and they took photo of its blessings. Facebook really knows all. Good and bad thing for us. Good in a sense that we are part of this wh…