Friday, February 27, 2015

The Dress Is Viral

Still no doubt women created lots of buzz at this press time when someone from Tumblr user ( women) posted this dress and their followers DISAGREED on the real color; black and blue or at plain sight white and gold?

And Facebook catches us. Twitter trended it worldwide and major news organizations like CNN, Buzzfeed, Business Insider and others ride the bandwagon. And what we got is the world of internet so divided with this dress. And science to the rescue. And I am wrong too. So are you?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Some Stories Not To Be Told?

My blog. Fewer entries now. Busy. Busier?

No more stories to tell? Worth telling?

Or I am just numb. I am just too lazy now. Eaten up by the system. Eaten up by the way of life. I do not know.

My story now.


I hope so!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stephen Is Always Great!

I think his name is pronounced as Colbare? I thinks so but the spelling is Colbert. And he will replace David Lettermen ( another favorite of mine) in his very popular late night show that runs for decades and will end I guess this year for the retirement of Lettermen. So they decided for a replacement and Colbert is there. And I think last year of two years ago that Colbert was named as the one who will continue the show. And I am beginning to love this person.

I am watching this uncut version from the show of Google and the highest officer of Google itself interviewed Mr Colbert!

And this is his wikipedia entry:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Sometimes..loneliness just creeps in..
Sometimes all the flowers are gone..
Sometimes just the sunset can make you smile..
Sometimes the cold breeze smells like home..
away from home..another year..
homesickness sometimes..
creeping in..
in my memory..
craving in..longing for..dying for..
I will just sleep now!

Coffee Time In Khobar

Life in time pag may time..Segafredo because Starbucks is closed in 1 AM! Imagine that we were roaming around the city early in the morning!

Portraits ( Happy Birthday Don!)

Going Up The Ladder

I am on my age where I can be anything. And thanks God I have achieved some of my dreams. I have gone far and I felt so good about it. An...