Friday, May 31, 2013

Who Have Sinned More?

I never stop on contemplating and writing what I want to write. A free verse. A free world. A freedom of speech.

And who have sinned more? The one who have evidently caught on act or we who act on our voice to warn them?

The one who have so boastful in their "good acts" but afterwards do something worst?

The one who have seen as the model but in reality a model of decaying family?

The one who have striving to go upward in the expense of the others?

The one who have done everything to climb up the ladder even it means to destroy others along the way?

The one who smile at your face then afterwards got a "fuck you conversations" stabbing you in every possible ways?

Damn them.. I will be getting older and bolder come Monday.. sabi nga nung batchmate ko.."if others are tyring to destroy somebody else or not try to destroy them later..destroy them in advance before it comes to you"..

Lalo akong nahahighblood dito ah!!

Anong Handa?

A pre-birthday celebration ( dinner last night at Flavors of China in SM-Batangas)...I will be going to Manila tomorrow and on Sunday..Let's see where we will be landing..and eating..and drinking..I will keep on posted..

Birthday Wish(es)

1. Get serious to reduce my weight to an ideal one or close to it..not necessarily diet but something like that..

2. To have a much greener pasture somewhere else.

3. To be able to explore more of the unknown areas of my life with other people.

4. To get offline more often.

5. To write more on some personal topics that I want to write.

6. To forgive those who are not forgivable because they should not exist.

7. To pray that these two bastards here be caught because they simply fuck the hell out of the family that they have destroyed.

8. Nothing more nothing less.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Happens In Araneta Will Stay in Araneta

I have not seen the full video of Vice Ganda's "rude jokes" about Miss Soho of GMA. But as clearly flooded in facebook and twitter the incident has gone far beyond the usual complains of having been disrespectful. It became a Network War as usual. The reporters of GMA of course defended their colleague.

As a audience I will have one advice to Vice; NEVER APOLOGIZE!


Simply because it is his SHOW. I have been to comedy bars before and the culture was really "shocking" if you are really conservative. But it is how they operate. It is how they make money. It is their job. To make us laugh.

So if this Vice Ganda Vs Soho will be a precedent of every comedy show here in our country then we must forget that comedian exist. Let us not tolerate any comedy show because somehow somewhere along their acts they will hit somebody. And it is their ACT! THEIR SHOW!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Flying Kite Lessons

Reflection on flying a kite by a child..

1. Nevermind the heat..just go on flying the kite..

2. Always see the changing will help you navigate..

3. Aim high where the wind will be your slave..

4. Simple pleasure are most of the times within our reach..

5. To help you to fly up with grace and easiness, seek for help..

6. Hit the nearest kite on your way..He is blocking your way up..

7. If you are dead

8. Appreciate the surroundings without loosing site of your kite..

9. Be in good shape will never know the weather..

10. Lastly make your own kite..dont just buy it..

These are some valuable lessons I have pondered upon seeing those kids playing kites in Picnic Grove yesterday in Tagaytay..

Sunday Get-Away

Getting ready for the Fast and The Furious 6? Nah! just having some photo-ops in Tagaytay with this magnificent car..

Thanks to Tiya Empent that we were able to go to Tagaytay with our loved ones..

Pasyal pasyal ang Ate Edna pag may time hehehehe..

My second mother..Tiya Empen who took care of me when I was still a baby..

Her daughter..Jacquelyn..

And the Sky Ranch in Tagaytay with its Eye? Well we had ride in it..

nuong una medyo nakakakatawa pa..

ayun natakot na nang tumaas na ehehehehe..I am afraid of height!

Before we went down the hill we bought some pasalubongs..mangosteen, pinya, may tuyong tawilis pang dumaan at saging na maliit..

then we headed to Nuvali but the rain was catching up with us..
So I just ordered burger from Brothers..sobrang matagal magserve..

And to make myself calm in waiting for that take-out burger..I tried their coffee..

Sunday like that made me realize that once in a while I should  go  out and breathe..once in awhile I should take care of myself..once in awhile I should forget almost everything and focus on what's really important..The Family..till next time..

Occasional Visit

 Our ancestral home in Catandala..once in awhile we visit it..just like last Saturday..Barangay Fiesta..thanks to Heidi and JB for the wonderful foods..

Saturday, May 25, 2013


They are more than just oficemates before..then he vanished..or might die during that thin so lifeless..wrong choice of lifetime partner..

I have seen them again..the same emotions..guilt..anger..somehow forgiven..and eventually AWA..

Though they are so successful yet the VERY ONE THING they want is not yet given. Maybe will not be given forever..tsskk tssskk..NAKAKAAWANG PAGSASAMA NAUWI SA WALANG GANA hhahahahah..I must be laughing..but I don't care anymore..they are just so ordinary I did not notice they are still existing..AKALA KO PATAY NA SILA..HINDI PA PALA..

And the bitter part? their true friends from yesterdays did not make any effort to say Hi or Hello..people oh people!! they are SO REAL IN FAKING IT!

Unbelievable indeed!

"Nuong Panahong Buo Pa Ang Lahat" ( yesterday's musing)

A real friend of mine once remarked " nuong panahong buo pa ang lahat" ..he is referring to five years ago's gathering. We were still as innocent as we have known each other. We were having the the bond as we never know will be cracked by two (persons) obvious culprit of all. We have never seen them as close  since then.

And yesterday as usual and I don't care if some were hiding from the real and legal entities in which they have or might meet along the way, we have the best day of our life. Literally. Not for them? I don't care. Why should I?

Through time someone's real identity is unmasked. Through circumstances and fate we have to clash with their differences. We have to battle their personal demons. And most of the times to do it best is just IGNORE THEM. Ignore that they have existed. Persona Non-Grata.

I thought those chains which are closely connected are hard to break but I was wrong. The RUST in their lives got its way to break them. And scrap them. Tsk Tsk Tsk!! Life indeed is too surprising I didn't see it coming!

In Hot Water Again and Again and Again!

We've been in hot water literally yesterday. The hot summer days are not yet over. We have plunge into the Splash Island's water for almost a day and almost non-stop.

But there are people who are in hot water not literally. They have made some obvious mistakes and some concerned people are trying to help but they denied the assistance. They even denied the TRUTH. Well if they want to die let them be!

How about the money trails? I will never understand it until I have seen the connections. An obvious connections. But that BIG? Wow! Must have a face as thick as iron to do that! and it is done. The question lingers now. Where?

Some things are best kept secret. But not for long. Honestly I was surprise yesterday. I thought I have know more but not all. Not all.

Oh My God I Didn't Make It To This Year's Family Day!!

Oh think again!! We were there..but there were many things I've not able to do or there were some things that I was not able to see the last time I've been in Splash Island..

There is a canopy walk..there are ziplines...and I've missed riding to those slides..hindi ko na nagawa kasi napasarap na sa main pool riding that giant three nephews were able to enjoy to ride all of those slides...

Photos below were some of the events I've missed yesterday since we were busy swimming that time..
thanks to facebook I've able to see them.. and post it from sir Arnold Manalo, Miss Cynths..

I've missed this kind of posing...di namin nagawa at talon agad sa tubig!!

What about food? Well there were free food but not sufficient to my nephew's hungry stomach so we tried buying at the food center..kinda expensive but we loved it..

And this year ONE THING WAS MISSING IN EVERY FAMILY I'VE HAD..Hindi namin kasama ang Inay because she is still in the US but maybe a few week's time she will be here..and we will have a family day of our own..

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Signs

I am getting older in no more than two weeks time. Do not ask my age. What my age again?

I am just stuck in my 30. The right number. The right time.

But someone approached me this morning. He will be seeing a greener pasture sooner. I give him advice. He is young and promising. Imagine that..someone approached and actually seek for my advice..well I am just kind to give whatever I know hahahha!!

But luck and fate has its twin. Another luck. This afternoon something wonderful happened. What is it will be on hold for awhile..

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

That time I might need other's  advice..

What's The Buzz?

Some people are crying foul but they do not act on it..they just make some facebook statuses..what a shame..

Some people are too loud but do not suggest any alternative..too lousy to become a leader..

Some people are so misleading..they filled up the same information but will do otherwise..what kind of person is that? a very difficult person..

Some people are just with the flow..they will act as if nothing is happening..many of us are just like that..

Well come Friday we will see if those people will be present..wish they aren't!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last year Twitter bought and my blogs there has just disappeared. This week Yahoo will buy  Tumblr and I am afraid my blogs there will be gone too. A clear indication that blogs are still a better way to express and be heard. And almost heard by millions that caught the attention of the tech giant. Remember Blogspot when it was acquired by Google and became

Thanks there are still alternative. Quora has just released a blogging site which is incorporated into any Quora account. And then there is At least we are not still running out of platform to write in.

Monday, May 20, 2013

House Blessing Of Kuya's Home

Located in Cambridge St in Cubao Quezon City.. walking distance from Gateway Mall..from Nepa Q-Mart and other commercial areas in Araneta Center..the new home of my kuya and his family..

Inay in Downtown LA and in Palms Spring and in San Diego

Enjoying the time with Jollibee in Carlson City..

With Ate Michele..

With my nephew Bong ( Archival)

Photos above - in downtown LA..
Photos below in Palms Spring..

Photos below - Inay in San Diego meeting our cousin who are visiting there too..Tyo Aton Antenor..

New Beginning

Sometimes I want to be alone..then go offline.. In the beach..with no one.. and stay there as long as I want.. escaping reality? no. ...