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Happy Birthday Chemist Alvin



I love that beer..but it is prohibited in here..but they have the very exact version of my kind of drinks..a non-alcoholic beverage..a NAB..

Via Instagram

And I am on instagram..thanks to my new LG G2 smartphone and a very fast internet connection in our house in Dammam.

What About "Feeling Lazy" ?

It had something to do the recent Eid holidays here in Dammam. I had nothing to do but to stay at home. Week-long.

So thanks to the internet and my bed that I had savor the taste of being so lazy during those no- work-week.

And at the end of the story it will end up in eating up some food. Just at home and enjoyed those fried foods. Oh at least I had been to Khobar and ate those Pinoy ice cream.

Pizza In Dammam


Moonlighting In Dammam

Sometimes I have to be alone. Sometimes I have to think and feel the wind. I know that on the other side of the shore somewhere out there is my home. My true home.

Buying Is Not Enough

Or should I say I still have to budget everything for my upcoming home vacation this December? Sort of. I thought it was easy but it was not. I thought it will be as planned but it was not. Totally I am running out of some "discipline" to buy all of those things that I want to bring up home. I think I need some breathing. And thinking. Okay. A nightmare. Just a negative thinking. Back to reality hahahaha!

I want that kitchen showcase for Inay. We went to Khobar last week and I have seen those affordable utensils that I think will be a gift to Inay.

And since we were in Khobar with Ayie and Kuya Alvin ( he hates to be called as kuya hahaha!) we tried Costa Coffee since Starbucks just closed its door too early for our 11 PM coffee adventure. And by the way I have an eye for this K-Swiss shoes for Kuya.

Connected In Every Possible Ways

Remember that cable that we use to plug ourselves to the world wide web of the internet? Remember those times? But now we are added by some convenience of the so-called advancement in technology and we have Wi-Fi now and if there are hotspot then we can plug in wire-lessly and be connected to the world.
The world now.
Two decades ago. 1994. Stop here I will edit later.

Nineteen ninety-four (1994) was the year when we were in our fourth year high school. Internet that time was so far away. So vague or maybe did not exist at all. We were happy with our songhits and guitar and cassette tapes and having some real fun. I missed that really.

And 2003 I've got my first email on yahoo and I started Friendster - the "founding" social media of our time. Smartphone that time was not yet invented. We relied on text and call via our Nokia cellular phone with the iconic 3310 model.

Then changes had its own phase of coming. It had come in a very fast mode and we craved for more. We cr…

We Call It Home


What Gives You Joy?

Sounds like Chickenjoy! What makes us happy? what gives you joy? Contentment at the end of the day?

Questions I should never ask. Question that somehow will lead to another question. Endless questions. Why ask something if more important is to feel it? Why ask something if it really makes us happy but we will die getting it? What's the point?

The point is to live. In the present. Living as if you are just human prone to mistakes and always seeks happiness even in solitude. Life is rough but most of the times it is so sweet it forgets all the loneliness that we have experience before. A balancing act.

Have faith. Love someone. Give away your time to yourself if not to everyone. Have fun in every moment even if it means crying.

Go away from your comfort zone and explore the world! And pray.

What I Have Done Lately

Nothing is not an answer. I just got so busy these days actually these holidays. I am busy doing just nothing.

And these nothing includes :



And more sleeps...

But I am watching some facebooking..some chatting - great to have that apps too..

Oh eating should not be eliminated. And contemplating..just a little bit now unlike before..

What else? blogging? No I think I need to slow it down..

for a a change..

Time? I want it to pass faster!

Every morning this is the view from my the window of our bus. Twelve minutes of walking to get here from our house. Such precious time.

And December is fast-approaching. Should I make a typical count-down? I guess not. Let the time roll and one morning I will walk up in LMI again.

But for now I will just enjoy the one-week Eid holiday here in Saudi!

Captured By LG G2!

Place : newly built - Administration Bldg. Last Sunday we had our first day in this huge and a very modern building for our company and to Hajr also ( the powerplant onwer). And thanks God I had my new smartphone and we had not let the day pass without those selfies and photo-ops everywhere.

Welcome Home!

I spent seven years in Ilijan.Almost five years in Batangas Port. And I am on my 10th month here in Qurayyah. And I am feeling much like I am home now. Welcome to our new office!

"Ber" Months Are Food's Month