Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Welcome Home Ate Michele

It is about 14 long years of staying away from us. It is about missing my sister who flew to the US way back in 2001 together with her family to try their luck there. Through ups and downs and rough and easy rides my sister came out alive and very well. It is not a battle to live abroad but a "war" that no one is prepared for. And she survived.

At around 12 am this morning Ate Michele officially landed in the Philippines and about 30 minutes later I have called her and her voice stayed the same as usual. Though I am here in Saudi Arabia and will not actually experience the joy of reuniting all of us children of Inay and Tatay I am very happy now that somehow somewhere we are one children of our parents. Though we are all adults now. We are still children in Inay's eyes and to my sisters and brother I am still and forever be their bunso.

Again welcome home Ate Michele!

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