Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boys Dined Out

 In celebration of Andrei's 12th birthday..we ate out at Gerry's Grill..


ghosts? or just a story..the plant..with ghosts? or just a story..even without the plant this place is a sanctuary..of soul..of the lost ones..a cemetery..a point where the heaven and hell decides..

with years and years and stay in here..there are fears..there are some strange feelings that someone out there is watching..

 they are roaming around..lost souls..that even the shed of light and no cast of shadows will bar them from entering our world..a ghost world..a reality of the unknown..

anyways gutom lang yan hahahaha..thanks sa pitsi pitsi and bibingkang kanin yesterday..busug! burrrppp...

Monday, October 29, 2012

What About Weekends?

Sunday is the 17th birthday of my pamangkin Tintin..with not much handaan..lasagna..

 Mujay on the loose..

 Mujay and Tin..

 A little bit of kulob..and hipon..

 with many laptops..everyone is online nowadays..

 with a little of ice cream?

oh by the way I have to treat them with not so much since I don't have much coffee and bread at Starbucks..

a happy birthday once again to my pamangkin..and tomorrow another birthday will be celebrated..Andrei's birthday..

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I have sent some gifts to a special someone and she said of how thoughtful I am. I do not know really what thoughtful is. At least in its other form. Until a few days ago. My pamangkins got some money ( out of their own pocket) and bought burgers and fries for Monet ( our cousin who took care of my pamangkins for more than a decade now), for Mujay ( Monet's son) and for MJ. And that's thoughtful I think in its simple ways.

Well for me I always have pasalubongs for them ( pamangkins) as if they are so excited to see and hear me entering their gate. And they prepare me a good meal ( they are the one who prepare the table and plates etc, for me). A service deluxe indeed!

And of course how  they are thoughtful to their own parents is something I admired. In special occasions like Valentine's day and birthdays, they always have some special gift (out of their own savings!)..

Happy Birthday To My Pamangkin Tintin

Tintin and Bambi ( Limuel)? or Dey ( Andrei)? I will ask later..

Tintin and Limuel..

 loved them so much!!

Tintin and Amben ( Arvin - Ate Edna's second child)

Tintin and Ate Arlyn when they still lived in our house..

Tintin with Ate Arlyn and Kuya Efren in Singapore when she was two years old..

Tin as toddler..the very first niece that I have taken care of..

Born as Christine Joy but to me she is Tin or "tinting matsing" but I never call her now as is. She was the one who coined my nickname to all of my niece and nephews as "Tito Ban". By default she was my first "niece" since she was with us up to two years old (in our house).

And now she is in college in UPLB. Time moves fast. Together with her two brothers, we became the formidable team. I even mistaken by others as their father hahahaha! ( am I old enough really?). Anyways as I have some conversation with them, I am easily forgetting the times that they have become toddler just like Mujay ( Monet's son). It is true since most of the time I am with them that my mind is block that all I remember is them as of the moment. The moment " na parang di ko silang nakitang lumaki" as I called it since I never have the absent time of being with them. A sort of "continuous experience" as I may tag it.

Anyways so much for the serious stuff. And I am looking for her handaan this day. How old is she? I don't know ( that's what I am talking about..I am not aware of everything about them since I am almost with them all the time).

And a few decades more I will not be surprised if one day their child will call me Tito Ban too. Oh I should get my own child too. Before they have one hahahaha!

Anyways, Happy Birthday again to my pamangkin Tin! The queen of all the pamangkin hehehe!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


We always think of an icon as something or someone that makes a trademark by merely saying its name of seeing its logo. It symbolizes something that comes to our mind and synonymous to what it represents.
Mother Theresa. Jesus Christ. Dalai Lama. Some icons that remind us of higher good. Some that remind us that we are here to help others. Not only ourselves. Some icons become legends. Marilyn Monroe. Kurt Cobain. Andy Warhol. Picasso. Name it and they have their place in our mind that somehow remind us of how great and influential they are even up to now.

And of course there is coffee. Icon for all time. Sweeping every nation with its aroma. With its taste. Not only as a tool ( food/drink) for social gatherings ( in those coffee shops where everyone frequently visit for some talks..) but also as something that our system cannot live without  ( at least if you are a coffee drinker).

And it will live forever.Just like those many icons of our generations.

Kapeng Barako in Mini Exhibit

A holiday yesterday and I have nothing to do but see a mini exhibit in Lipa about kapeng barako..Lipa City is now starting to reclaim the title as The Coffee Capital of the country in which Cavite is now proclaiming it to be..

Going Up The Ladder

I am on my age where I can be anything. And thanks God I have achieved some of my dreams. I have gone far and I felt so good about it. An...