Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Lutong Bahay"

One thing I love about Dammam is the proximity of a grocery store - almost every block every corner has kabalah - a small one and then a bigger supermarket just nearby..and because of that we really have no worries of getting hungry in this place..unless we don't have money..thanks to Ayie and Grover for their menu and dishes because I simply can cook only fried fish hahahaah..

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Do Something You Love podcast

And that is the link that I am listening right now..I am into podcast listening now..just click the link and you will be redirected to the podcast itself..

Maybe my evolutionary self ( a kid who grew up listening to AM radio!) is just activated again..and it feels good!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Pamangkin in Dubai

And last week my pamangkin Lovely ( Ate Edna's eldest daughter) arrived in Dubai to find her luck there ( of course with guidance and care of his Tito and titas there) time to chat with her and she was still adjusting to the temperature ( of course!)...and as usual pasyal pasyal pag may time!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Thanks to that I am able to watch the new episode of my favorite Jack Bauer every week..on its season 9 after a four-year break from the tv scene.."248" is definitely back..and now it is in London..not the usual US scene in the previous 8 seasons..

Friday, May 16, 2014

DIY (do it yourself - with much help from others!)

One of the best skills I can learn living abroad is the art of DIY - or some slang term now as "hack" or whatever instructions on how to do almost cabinet above is to be assemble before it can stand up and thanks to my fellows here who figured it out in just minutes of doing it..Another house-mate of ours have to look into internet and check into menu guide to have a meaningful dish for a day..thanks God we have a very fast internet..

Let It Flow!

Sounds like "Let it go" hahahaha! but somehow I let go of the past..the comfort zone..and engaging into a more challenging role of my life..personal or work related...first in my personal life I have to deal and agree that I must need those old-time skills of mine (washing clothes - though we have washing machine..ironing of my clothes..etc etc..). and thanks God I am re-learning all of them..I must..

Even the art of choosing in the market..the art of begging for discount? I guess so hahaha! well again thanks to my Filipino friends  that accompany me through it all!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Inay!

To all the mothers in the world!! happy happy mother's day!! and to the greatest of them Inay!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The New Heights

What will you do if some times you run out of new things to do? When you have almost exhaustively create and watch and listen to all of it? Well in my case thanks to a very fast and so cheap internet connections here in Dammam. I have explored more of the net as we know it. And I want to share some of the new depth of communication that I have found this day.

First is the  videocast - I am reading some of my newsletter via email and I have always check on my favorite author Paulo Coelho and I have seen some of his videocast embedded in his blogs, so I checked it out and wow it was amazing..he used Youtube to just broadcast his ideas and opinions. And I think I can do that too..

So I have made my first webcast via youtube!! check this out!

Wow! blogging at its new level!!

Second is the podcasting - I am checking some Time magazine or maybe a HBR review and I have seen some podcasting sites and I've curious about it. It is something like listening to a radio that AM radio back in the days of my younger years..

I found some podcast sites lately..

Then I have found myself craving to have my own podcast..and I remembered my niece Tin that she used to record voice via and I have my account too ( I think I was the one that introduced her to the site)..and here it is...

And I am glad for all of these technology..I think these will keep me busy staying here in the land of the desert!


Thank you again Facebook for getting us nearer to our beloved barangay in their celebration of Fiesta yesterday! Thank you for the photos of Bebang and Simon for their mouth-watering and insanely inviting foods. A not-so typical dishes that I have used to have in the yearly celebration. But hey time really changes everything..even the foods...but still we can see the traditonal afritada, kaldereta..kulob etc, etc...I called Inay yesterday and thanks God even in minutes I felt I was in Ilijan though..thank you mobile phone for such a great help!

So it is almost five months since I have arrived many many things had happened..but I am still very OK..learning..adapting..creating happiness out of the usual..watching movie via glow instead of going to moviehouse in which you cannot found any place here..I have learned to just make it whatever is available and just pass the time..and maybe when I wake up it will be December..the time to go home..though I am considering this place now as my second home..

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Voice

Sometimes all I need is the voice..the sounds from the other end of the line..thousands of miles away! thanks to the fiber that connects us all - literally that telecom fibers that make it possible for my cellphone to call my loved ones in the Philippines..

Thanks to STC and every Riyal spent on buying those recharged cards is worth it..when I heard my Inay's voice as well as my pamangkins' hi's and hello's and occasional telling of wish-list of items that they want when I go back to our motherland..

Again thank you for this technology that the voice I heard actually heals me..deep inside my soul!

Fishing - It's More Fun In Dammam!

QIPP Pinoy Team did it again! last Thursday night and we had so much fun in Dammam Cornich catching fish and actually grilling it..then had some picnic with rice and vegetables - all Pinoy style food in the land of the king and oil!..

And I think this is our life in the face of unknown fears and distant family - creating friendships and lasting memories that once we are having fun in this country that is often mistakenly as boring and no fun will be generated..well we are wrong and thanks God for that!

What Could Be Better?

Labor day. May 1. I have seen so many militant groups in the Philippines waving their red flags and banners demanding a higher salary increase across the board.

Here in Saudi Arabia we are still working. No holiday. Just plain working. But unfortunately that Thursday the internet in the office was down due to the collapse of the communication tower due to heavy wind (sandstorm a night before). And so what will you do if one of the most important communication tools is bugged down? Well we took our selfies hahaha!

Photo above was my new lens? Nope it is a mug! I have bought it in Khobar for a very cheap price..

Going Up The Ladder

I am on my age where I can be anything. And thanks God I have achieved some of my dreams. I have gone far and I felt so good about it. An...