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(New) Home Sweet Home!

And last night I have my first night last here in our new house ( a flat just maybe 15 minute-walk away from Dammam Palace Hotel). And I enjoyed the first night and day. And eventually our three months to follow. I am here with my fellows like Grover and Ayie ( both from my previous company) and Ryan. We decided to transfer here for some good reasons and one of them is the cost. It is much less cheap here than staying at the furnished apartment. And the  other one is the internet connection. In the apartment the wifi is so slow that we still have to wait for the right timing to get connected ( usually late at night or very early in the morning). But here we have bought a 4G router via Zain and we are very much contented with the speed (30 mbps!) and that's very great. I could watch the latest episode of Anthony Bourdanain's show or the David Letterman Late Show. I could also stream and watch some of my TV series via Glow Gaze. Thank you Zain.

Living abroad is like a reality that we have to put it one by one until we realize we are done through it. I was thinking before if I could survive in here but what the heck I am running on my 5th month already here in Saudi Arabia. And so far it is so good!

I know this is just the beginning of something wonderful and adventurous thing to come! God guide us always!


  1. that's great Marlo! Take care nga pala sa MERS.

  2. yah talagang ingat kami dine..katakot..thanks for all the comments..minsay "rollercoaster" pa din eh minsan and definitely moving..andito na..kaya na!!

  3. kami rin, ingat. buti na lang hindi talaga kami lumalabas (expensive eh!) kaya iwas MERS . kakalungkot naman talaga pag nasa ibang bansa ka, sa totoo lang. it's never the same, kung baga.

  4. pero just look at the perks na lang. sanayan din. pag nagrereklamo nga ako kasi naiinip na ako, naiisip ko un ibang Pinoy dito who are struggling para lang makapagpadala sa atin kahit maliit. just look at the brighter side, sabi nga.

  5. yes mam..inspiration na din sa akin dito yung mga matatagal na dito as in dito na literally tumanda..and sadly with lower salary pa (nakakahiya minsang sabihin nung salary namin kasi parang "unfair" with the system - ang tagal na nila tapos ganon lang sweldo nila...tapos kami eh bago pa lang eh ang "laki na" compared to them - and you can see how proud they are and yun nga - nawili na din dito kaya tumagal the fact na wala naman nga sa pinas na pagkakabuhayan...anyways medyo senti na ako ah hahahaha...again ingat po sa ating lahat...- ganda nga pala ng photos niyo nakita ko sa fb with the famous building in the background!!!yung nasa beach or swimming pool ata kayo..

  6. tama yan. let's appreciate what we have muna. lungkot lungkutan pero lumilipas naman. :) mabilis naman ang December. why don't you travel also, like weeken backpacking? that would be nice :)


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