Those Things I Have Pondered Today

Almost everyday when we go home I have this glimpse of  a wonderful sunset in Dammam. I think every sunset is very much beautiful especially when you think that somewhere out there in another place the sun will be shining again and again everyday. It reminds us of the hope and life cycle that we are going through everyday life. It is a constant reminder that still there are wonderful things going on with our life. Life is precious. Life is sacred.

Sometimes when I am alone and bored I go this place called Seiko. It is somehow the center of Dammam but with a local touch. It means that most of the masses or ordinary people gather here and buy merchandise of all kinds. And there is this cheap coffee shop. I go there just to sit and reflect what those people are doing and what have I might missed and think of the future which somehow so unclear. I just think and thanks God that despite everything I am still luckier to some degree as compared to other people. But look at their face! They are so happy and their smile radiant throughout the place.

Looking for another angle I have seen this one. The building was on fire a month ago and I have heard some Filipinos died in that fire. A very sad news. So what will happen to their family in the Philippines? After a week or two many people came and tried to renovate the building. It gives opportunity to have a "dream job" here in Saudi. Thanks God again I have a great job and I really appreciate myself also for such great work that I have here in the desert.


A few days ago I have come with this post in Facebook. A familiar "missing advertisement" and when I looked closer I was in shocked! It only validated some doubts and rumors circling around the corners closer to my home. It was a sad story of a daughter looking for his dad who went away for so long but yearly coming back on vacation. One day he did not came back the he decided to leave his family. So the daughter is started to look for her missing dad. In the comment section there are so many give their opinions and assistance on how to find him. But as of now they still have no communication to the missing dad. Actually he is not "missing" in the real sense of the word but he abandoned his family for some reasons we don't know. Maybe he feels "bored" working in a very far away place and wanted some retirement in other place. We can never know his true motivation why he have done something like that.


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