Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I Still Believed

I might say I am a dreamer. I might say I am wanderer. And I am indeed a traveler. Even at night here in Dammam I have managed to escape and tried some of the places of interest that really never failed me to amaze. I have love the twilight and even the broad daylight where I could see the beautiful sunset and some unusual sightings but nonetheless refreshed my being and soul. Sometimes I cried out and really longed for my hometown. Sometimes I just walked and waited for almost midnight to come home and then go to sleep. Sometimes I ate at very good and expensive restaurant just to pass the time. Sometimes I just go on walking and walking and then go back to our house. Sometimes I just stayed at home and watched saved tv series programs and let me wonder on my life so far. So far so good.

I can still sip and enjoy coffee. I can still call via FB messenger my family. I can still comment and post on Facebook and Instagram. I can still laugh at my own mistakes.I can still eat solo at Applebees. I can still stare at the sky and noticing that an airplane is bound on the airport.  I hope it is December already so that  I could have that much awaited vacation!

And the most important of all; I still believe!

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