Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Getting Boring By The Days

Where all of my excitement go? Where all of the fear and happiness now? I do not know. What I know now is I think I am on my deepest setbacks. Or am I? Is this the midlife crisis? I hope not.

Last week I was in Rabigh to teach and demonstrate some of the basic documentation process that we have done in QIPP but to my surprise I was the one being surprised because it only took about four hours of lecturing and much like of an interview of my mission there. I just contemplated on the hotel of what is happening to my life now.

I need a change of place again. New work? I am on the process of applying to other companies that might give me meaning and much more salaries. Am I hungry for power and money and fame? I really do not know. Midlife crisis maybe.

Or should I marry the one? Or should I be forever as single as I am today. I am afraid of my future now.

I hope God is near me. Please.

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