Saturday, May 10, 2014


Thank you again Facebook for getting us nearer to our beloved barangay in their celebration of Fiesta yesterday! Thank you for the photos of Bebang and Simon for their mouth-watering and insanely inviting foods. A not-so typical dishes that I have used to have in the yearly celebration. But hey time really changes everything..even the foods...but still we can see the traditonal afritada, kaldereta..kulob etc, etc...I called Inay yesterday and thanks God even in minutes I felt I was in Ilijan though..thank you mobile phone for such a great help!

So it is almost five months since I have arrived many many things had happened..but I am still very OK..learning..adapting..creating happiness out of the usual..watching movie via glow instead of going to moviehouse in which you cannot found any place here..I have learned to just make it whatever is available and just pass the time..and maybe when I wake up it will be December..the time to go home..though I am considering this place now as my second home..

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