Friday, October 17, 2014

Connected In Every Possible Ways

Remember that cable that we use to plug ourselves to the world wide web of the internet? Remember those times? But now we are added by some convenience of the so-called advancement in technology and we have Wi-Fi now and if there are hotspot then we can plug in wire-lessly and be connected to the world.

The world now.

Two decades ago. 1994. Stop here I will edit later.

Nineteen ninety-four (1994) was the year when we were in our fourth year high school. Internet that time was so far away. So vague or maybe did not exist at all. We were happy with our songhits and guitar and cassette tapes and having some real fun. I missed that really.

And 2003 I've got my first email on yahoo and I started Friendster - the "founding" social media of our time. Smartphone that time was not yet invented. We relied on text and call via our Nokia cellular phone with the iconic 3310 model.

Then changes had its own phase of coming. It had come in a very fast mode and we craved for more. We craved for more connectivity and technology and economy allowed them to happen. And now we are here in the age of constant distraction from our smartphone and laptop and wifi and everything that connect us to the real world in a very "un-real medium".

Sometimes  I wish I could go back to that 90's moments. But we cannot go back. All we have to do is to wait and anticipate a far more reaching revolution in connectivity age of our time.

We cannot go back. We can only remember and be fascinated. 

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