Friday, October 17, 2014

We Call It Home

Call it paradise. Call it the greatest get-away! Call it the Philippines! It’s really more fun in the Philippines!

The Philippines is so blessed with all the qualities of being called as paradise. We have sandy and beautiful beaches. We have romantic sunsets. We have hills and mountains. We have rivers. And most of all we have the loving and caring people the world love to feel. We are very famous in our way of being so hospitable especially to our visitors. We offer fully our time and attention to every need of the spectators who visit our lovely country.

The Philippines which is a Pacific country that has a very strategic location gateway to all of Asia and other continents positions itself as a primary destination for tourist around the world. Americans and Europeans who want to have tan and experience the hot and inviting weather of the Philippines flock in airports and have flights every now and then to fly to our island country. Asian tourists also join them to discover the lovely and hard-to-resist charisma of our nation.

Our country which primarily called a tourist destination never loses sight of the nature that God has given to the beloved country. Filipino tries its best to preserve the nature’s wonders and offer its beauty not only to foreigners and Filipino at present but also for the future’s generation.

In a local province of Batangas which is one of the prides of the Philippines for its fine and world-class beach and diving resorts lies the wonderful place called Ilijan. My hometown where I grow up and create dreams a reality. In those beach and sunset where I used to swim and stood and watch the lovely sun sets to rest and called it a day, I was once a dreamer to conquer the world. I know back then that there is still more to the world to see and I know I can be an instrument for others to see the wonderful and attractive Philippines.

Time seems to passed very fast and here I am on your front sharing to you a unique and hard to ignore photo of Ilijan. Your soul will be revitalized just be looking at the wonderful colors that are bursting against the backdrop of a very nostalgic sunset. Your weary mind will be refreshed just by looking at those happy people in the silhouette that has been framed in this wonderful photo.

I know and I must insist that long description of our beautiful country will never be true if you will not experience it yourself. So come visit our nation and you will say that indeed it is more fun in the Philippines!

My home your home too!

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