Saturday, October 18, 2014

Buying Is Not Enough

Or should I say I still have to budget everything for my upcoming home vacation this December? Sort of. I thought it was easy but it was not. I thought it will be as planned but it was not. Totally I am running out of some "discipline" to buy all of those things that I want to bring up home. I think I need some breathing. And thinking. Okay. A nightmare. Just a negative thinking. Back to reality hahahaha!

I want that kitchen showcase for Inay. We went to Khobar last week and I have seen those affordable utensils that I think will be a gift to Inay.

And since we were in Khobar with Ayie and Kuya Alvin ( he hates to be called as kuya hahaha!) we tried Costa Coffee since Starbucks just closed its door too early for our 11 PM coffee adventure. And by the way I have an eye for this K-Swiss shoes for Kuya.

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