Monday, June 15, 2015

"You are 60. And You are retiring? Good."

If I am not mistaken I have this conversation with a taxi driver three nights ago. I was going home from a short visit to Khobar. It was a night of doing nothing but eat at whatever Filipino resto in Khobar. And because I want to sleep early that night I did not indulged myself in having much time in Khobar.

And I rode a taxi. After a minute I spoke to an older taxi driver. Along the conversation he said he is in his 60. And he spend 8 years in Saudi doing that job. And I was his last passenger before his retirement. That night he said that by tomorrow he will fly to Lahore Pakistan. I felt some jealousy. I felt that I was happy for him. Along the 25 minute drive he summarized what he has been through before his retirement. He was a train driver before in Pakistan. Then he retired there and tried his luck in KSA. And now he is retiring for real. He will help his 3rd son in running his motor/spare parts business.

I could see in his face the hidden pride. The hidden joy that after all those years he is successful in his job that made his family as it is now. His grown up children are all professionals. And I wish him luck. And I will never see him again. Probably.

I want to be in my 60 too. Really? I don't know.


  1. i think this is not an accidental meeting :)

  2. I think im in a middle of midlife crisis? dont know..naalala ko classmate ko sa mba, she is in his 40's, successful..manager, with two children..nasa abroad ang asawa but she felt something na parang she is pulled into older age while she wants to be in the younger age..parang ganon daw..eventually natanggap na nya na we are all getting there...huhuhu..yoko pa hahahaha!

  3. i don't know, for me it has nothing to do with the age. Parang isa syang talinhaga sa akin. It doesn't happen everyday to us, does it?

  4. yah it struck sometimes on a very rare occasion..siguro jut let it happen hahaha and nevermind it, just keep on living na lang hehehe..


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