My First Week In The Desert

Literally almost all of the Saudi area is a big whole desert. Sand. Little trees. More sand and much more land of sand. Occasional seas. And lots of sun! The photo above is the almost constructed Qurayah 4000MW IPP in which we are working now together of some of my colleagues from Batangas.

Our first week here? Almost the same in the Philippines? Definitely not! First was the food difference. We had to eat much of the chicken and the shawarma here. We tried Filipino food in one of the restaurant but it was not the same as in the Philippines. I am missing the Pinas now huhuhu! Second was the work. Same in the Philippines? almost the same. Much harder here? I guess not. We had Pakistani and Egyptians and Saudi nationals on our sides.

What I like about in here is the camaraderie and the very supportive Filipino community that I was surprised that even in Facebook when they had noticed we were here they send their "kumusta" and whatever assistance they could assist. A Filipino way of helping newbies like us.

Thanks to Facebook and Skype indeed! almost every week or every other day we had sessions with Inay and my pamangkins via skype and some messages from facebook. As usual I posted every "moves" of ours here via FB. At first it was so hard to adjust but eventually I am learning to play the rules and adapt to the Saudi way of living. Please wait for my second week's post.


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