Friday, September 20, 2013

Better Be Alone Than Sorry

Not the usual scenario..for several years I am attending that occasion but last night I have missed it..I have missed it intentionally..I do not want those circus of idiots..circus of ineffective! bunch of non-sense! bunch of people who acted not like human..magbababoy! nambababoy! short..EVIL! God bless them..

Some truths are stranger than fiction.

1. Petitioned to be taken out - siya pa ang nakakuha ng prize!

2. Called for a prize - pero binawi kasi dapat hindi bakit tinawag pa? obviously tanga yung nag-include ng name ng pobreng mama..umasa na kanya na ang prize eh hindi pala..

3. Those two up there are acting as if tinotopak lagi..hopefully they can be flushed out here..some are planning about it..

Anyways I just soaked myself in rain and coffee last night..better be alone than sorry!

P.S. - that chicken with kabute ( photo below) one of the despidida meal for Japs - maybe next week he will be in Qatar! Goodluck! Buti pa siya makakaalis na!

P.S. - ah that sad state of Pinoy komiks now..but surprisingly I have bought one in 7-11 and it is in English..evolving? I hope so.

Extended edited version -

4. there is someone who would like the vacant position but not qualified..buti nga kasi lahat na lang gusto niyang kunin..gahaman talaga!

5. there is someone whom might return and she is a "threat" to someone here - such marital problem that should be flushed away or be forgotten forever..

6. isa pang gahaman - he got the positon  -actually a very high one - then all of a sudden he still got the one intended for a much lower individual like us? in broad daylight!


  1. wala akong nakuha sa blind items. stupid me.

  2. somehow the blind items are blurred..baka kasi obvious pag binigyan ko ng clue..they are still thriving in here..ahrrrhhhhhh..!!!sinasaday or sadya silang ewan!! masisira pa ata weekends ko gawa nila..anyways looking forward for a wonderful sat and sun..

  3. well the very common clue is that ALL OF THEM ARE IN MY CIRCLE PA DIN..andito pa din sila same group as I am now..

  4. same organization pa din..culture na ata dito huhuhu

  5. parang alam ko naman un she might return. i heard about her application and i heard about her possible employment due to lack of more qualified applicants. well, she has remained kind to me despite all the bad things happening around us. personally, i like her. good luck to her. :)

  6. medyo maraming changes now dito sa magaganap na pagbabago..just keep on reading my posts and the clues and hints are there..


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