Father's Day 2013

More than thirty years of having no father to celebrate at this very special moment for the "foundation" of any family..but I never take his absence not to celebrate the day with some musings and reflections and just strolling myself to pass the special day..got myself almost half of the day in SM-Batangas..looking at those father and sons enjoying the food, enjoying some exhibits..

my lunch in Chowking..loved that big mami wanton..with kangkong and milk tea too..

have watched some recitals in SM Event Center..

Got amazed by how those teens made their big moves in sync with Wii device..

playing some basketball to release some anger over Miami Heat hahahaha!!

Finally dinner at Biggs..again Happy Father's Day..to my tatay Valeriano and other dads out there..I should be a father sooner..hopefully..


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