Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A friend and an office-mate had his "initiation moments" at AGSB..continuous learning must be pursued regardless of our intention..not only we can learn the theoretical lessons but most of all the lesson of life in interacting those people..Goodluck and see you at the upper level of management someday hahaha!!


  1. it's harry's right? Can you please say hi to him for me? Tell him it's me Princess Anastacia. :)

  2. Hi Sir Marlo, thanks for this. I am very much looking forward to see you in that time and place very much soon if possible. Hope you'll guide me through all this MBA times. :)

    Hello Ma'am Lei did I just make some illusions, I saw your "royal cup" last day at the "Grandiose Pantry of the Stately Palace of Ilijan". :)

    "Kak pozhivaesh?" That's how Princess Anastacia say "How are you?"

  3. Hi Harry! I sooo miss our royal conversations in the dining room of Ilijan Palace.I am currently adjusting to my royal duties in my real state palace. :) Btw, you have blogs?
    Thanks Marlo for this. :)

  4. Ms. Lei, I really miss our substantial tête-à-tête (Forgive me, I really want to use that new found vocabulary of mine, for the sake of my stagnant communication skills, hahaha)

    Inspired by this blog, I do found now a new outlet of life. Any advice for the newbie?

    Have a great days ahead!

  5. hi to all!! thanks for dropping by and find time reading and commenting on my blogs..yah harry I will teach you how to blog and as discussed earlier on how to choose blogging platform ( wordpress, blogger, tumblr, medium etc etc)..mam leah musta na po..magcomment ako minsan sa mga foodie post niyo..need that diet but I cant resist to eat hahhaha!


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