Used To Be

Those streets in Adamah district near "Seiko". Those streets where every morning we walked for about 15 minutes for our daily bus ride to work. Those streets where I first think every morning of what to do for the day. Those street and I will seldom walk on them now. I have transferred to a nearer place to the bus pick-up point to save time and energy and the very real reason is that I was left in the house since the 3 housemates I have go to the Philippines for good. Grover is staying in our country to start a new career and business. Ryan on the other hand has his luck in Japan. And Ayie got his job in Batangas again in Siemens. And I am the one being left here that still continuing to struggle despite the loneliness and the eagerness to go home also. But I guess I will spend more of my time here.


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