Thursday, June 6, 2013

Throwback Thursday

It has happened via social media twitter and facebook. A couple of weeks ago or maybe a month ago the hashtag #throwbackthursday went viral. It has a simple mission; to post those very old photographs of us to remind us on how we have gone so far.

And it taught us some valuable lessons;

  • memories are depository of ideas, of emotions, of feelings that will be remembered once in a while to teach us lesson that indeed LIFE is a struggle
  • we could never go wrong or right just follow your heart and the rest will take care of itself
  • remembering who we are is like paying tribute to all the people we have been through the best or worst of our lives
  • some memories are too painful that our mind and heart has it own coping mechanism we could never understand
  • bringing up the past does not necessarily committing the same mistakes again and again
  • we can never bring the past nor predict the future but it will always with us in the present
  • some people leave us as a lesson or we teach them lesson along the way
  • most of the time we find ourselves nostalgic and maybe it is a sign of aging
  • we cannot stay the same as we were yesterday nor promise that we should be as we wanted to be by tomorrow, life is indeed a mysterious journey.

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