Follow Your Heart

Sometimes life is an reality it is..we are here to explore..we are here know the get the trail of the uncharted territories. And we are here to conquer!

Our light is our knowledge. Our strength is our belief. Our life will not be miserable we just follow our path. Even if it is painful at first just follow your heart. Even if it is nonsense just follow your mind.

In the end life's all adventure moments are just like a wonderful stories written by us! So go ahead sail on the ocean. Dive on the deepest part of the sea. Enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the silence. And with yourself once in a while. Lost in a place. Lost in such a way you have to ask for direction. In that way you will learn that life is indeed a communication personally with others. That in order to survive you must ask, that in order to live you must be with the others. And sometimes alone.

Just follow your heart.


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