Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday and loving it! (wash day and skype day!)

Thanks to our reliable washing machine that even the week-long clothes is just a click away - though I do not used the dryer ( hindi sanay hahahah and the sun is so abundance in here)..after my washing weekly schedule I decided to try this HP wireless speaker and I found this little notes of terms and conditions and whatever instructions and legal articles in it..remind me of my graduate school classmate who's pursuing now of a law degree and she's loving it! Then I have to reconnect again to my family back in the Philippines via skype and mobile call - thanks to a cheap recharged card from STC and our internet connection is not annoying so I have time to connect with my family back home..and lastly I am contemplating on buying a new gadget for myself since my galaxy win is in the Philippines now for my nephew Erickson..I guess I need a new Samsung S5 or LG G3 or Iphone 5s or Xperia Z2..or I will just settle for Nokia - with their latest of course since I am loyal Nokia user (though they are owned by Microsoft now)..


  1. yah wait ko po ang Iphone 6 for me..but for now I have bought a Nokia Lumia 1320 then padala ko by august or sept sa pinas para kay amben at nwala yung blackberry niya ( bigay ko din dati) - nanakaw sa the way he is working na nga pala sa isang bpo company - tech support for URC..


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