Friday, June 27, 2014

Elegant And Sexy!

At first I thought it was  a "throwback Thursday or Friday" on Facebook when I see some of my friends and colleagues in Keilco wearing those elegant and sexy formal dress - and they were heading for a party. I thought it was a late upload of certain party like Christmas or Foundation day of the company..but then again I was lost..Talits, Jaybee, and others are wearing those formal suits ( which I think well-suited to them - bagay na bagay and they deserved our admiration once in awhile hahaha!)..and they were heading to Shangrila Hotel - kept me thinking upon scrolling on Facebook that when we left the firm that they have this kind of partying? so I chatted with Ka Orly and he just said almost everyone are preparing for the big night! And wow that's it..they are attending a party of celebration for the company for another milestone! if I am not mistaken it is about finance and I have remembered that in my seven years I have my little contribution by preparing those monthly and quarterly reports (inventory and assets side) to be submitted to our head office to become part of the lender's report..remember that Zandro hahahaha ( in which we were so baffled by HGPP though they were so few in compare to our spare parts!) that we "stretched" our minds and skills just to understand the logic of doing the reports and I am wondering if after this should the company still make those reports? I don't know since I am not part of the company anymore..

And back to the party - I am glad to see again my beautiful office-mates with their dazzling dress..and so are the boys! I missed that company somehow..

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  1. oh yeah. saw some pics too. they were all soooo beautiful. debt free na daw sila so the celebration. :)


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