Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Decades ago I was truly amazed by those people in my barangay who had these package from Saudi since they had father or brother working in the Middle East. Sometimes they even had pasalubong for us like soap or dates or anything that somehow "imported" and genuinely from Saudi. A few years back also my Ate Michele (living in US) had those packages for us mostly in December that contained some of the things for us like vitamins, milk, coffee etc, etc.

And now it is my turn to have those package to be delivered to my loved ones in the Philippines. Though these items are so few compared to the usual OFW package ( makikipadala lang kay Ayie bukas ) I am very happy to send those requested items for Ate Arlyn, Inay, Kuya and my pamangkins. I promised I will make it little more than that the second time I send some package or maybe when I personally have my yearly vacation in November or December. Besides Ayie have so many things to be packaged in his checked-in baggage for his family too..

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  1. wow. surely these will put a wide smile on everybody's face. :)


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