Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodluck Sir!

"Till we see each other again...I will try to contact you via email.."
Those were the thoughts that he said and stayed on my mind upon having a goodbye handshake to the man we called "Dos".He was the second highest in the plant. It was his last day in our plant today. I remember just a few minutes before our 1:30 PM exit from the  office ( adjusted due to Ramadan) he shook hands with almost every person in the hallways. And yes not everyone knows that he has just resigned a month earlier and this day is his last day in Qurayyah. And I have known it three weeks ago when a reliable personnel handed me some documents about it. And so when I was about to enter my room he called me and said that it is his last day today. I naively asked "where are you going" and he replied, "I will go back to India".

In a brief span of time that I was working with him (started in March) I have learned some great things that somehow a common sense but he amplified it. We were working in the "punchlist items" and almost everyday we have our exchange of emails and files. We also started the "commissioning observations" and I found in him a great leader to aspire of. He taught me how to do such "hard works" in a very easy way. Smart work indeed. He also taught me to use the power of human communication rather than rely on just email or correspondence. A human interaction will give you the things that you wanted from another person. That is a common idea but he showed me how it works. And it worked all the time.

Honestly I really don't know and we did not investigate why all of a sudden he will go and return to his home. We just respect the decision and surely he is a loss to the company. And most of my office-mates just knew only today because he wore an ordinary shirt that it was his last day at the plant.

Again goodluck sir. Goodluck Mr VJ. And thank you.

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