Saturday, November 1, 2014

Inevitably For The Best

This may serve as an update(s).

Yesterday I was talking to Harry via FB messenger ( only yesterday that we knew it could be used as voice call hahahaha!) and he was so very happy and so excited for his one-month (or longer for life?) in the Big Apple on December. I have seen his facebook status about conquering the City That Never Sleeps but quietly believed it until I spoke to him for confirmation. And he was into it. He told me that he just applied for a tourist visa to US and everything fell into places as God planned for him. He was given a 10 or 15 year multiple visa. Lucky him! 

A few months ago when I was still struggling to adjust here in Dammam I got some friends to look into that will make my homesick-ness bearable. One of them was Cesar. He was my elementary classmate in Ilijan back then and a very good friend of mine. He said before that he will go back to the Philippines and will settle there for some reason. To have a baby. However after several months of staying in our country he returned here in the Middle East in Dubai and he is working in a very good company that he might travel the whole Gulf region because of that. He was in Oman last week and this week he might be here in Dammam!

In my previous company there was an "exodus" of employees that included me to get a more satisfying and gratifying experience as well as rewards for us. I am here in Saudi Arabia together with some other engineers and technicians. Some of my co-employees in the Admin before were here also in the Middle East. Others resigned to shift career and some others just get out and look for a greener pasture. Moving out is inevitable. And indeed the right move for us.

And since I have started to reminisce the past I might include some of my college buddies who have gone so far around the world. John who is a flight steward inevitably travel the whole wide world. He was my friend back in my writing years in The Lycean. Another co-writer, Aque, is in the US and oh I have remembered her especially this December season because years ago I gave her a Starbucks planner as a gift. 

And my FF Cruz buddies? Miss Evelyn got her business in Manila. Betchay is in China in Flour Daniel. Romart is in Ilijan and does not have plan of leaving ahahaha! Marian is in Singapore. Miss Weng our accountant is happily married to a French guy and they are living in France of course. Mam Gelay is still in Shimizu and in Lipa project. Barry is a manager in Dubai. Who else? Thanks to Facebook that we still have communication.

Change is inevitable. But a decision to let that change to happen is much better. 

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