Obsessed With Serial

I am listening now to Serial  via Soundcloud and I am really hooked. I am currently listening to episode 5 in which the latest on the site is episode 9. This podcast which making a huge buzz online and the most controversial and talked-about podcast of all time now got me and I am into it. It is like a lost obsession with radio back in my 80's days. And in line with my "addiction" with "How To Get Away with Murder" TV series which unfortunately aired the winter finale - Wes is the Killer - I have to wait till January to see the next episode. And thanks God I have discovered "Serial" and yes it is very addictive. I have explored exhaustively the internet about almost everything about Serial. And these are some of those sites:

http://serialpodcast.org/  - the official website of the podcast..

http://serialpodcast.org/maps/people-map#  - the "people map" about the case..



https://soundcloud.com/search?q=serial%20podcast - Soundcloud searches which I have done..






And I think I will explore more..


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